Why Folding Bike Are Great For Long-Distance Riding?

The advantages and disadvantages of using a folding bike to ride long distances are obvious. Although this "disadvantage" seems more like a very subjective conclusion, it still cannot cover up its advantage of being easy to carry. For long-distance riding, choosing a folding bike is more about finding a balance between portability and performance. Folding bikes probably have the following benefits:

– Can go to more places in limited time

– Avoid boring sections and only ride interesting areas

– People who want to ride long distances but don’t have much long distance experience


In this regard, two key factors need to be considered: Folding Speed and Folded Volume.

Perhaps the most ideal state is to fold and open it once a day, but the folding speed will still greatly affect your riding mood. A good folding bike may only take 10 seconds to fold/open, while a bad folding bike may take up to ten minutes or more. SAMBIKE's electric folding bikes do a good job in this regard, especially the 20lvxd30 series, which adopts a double-folding design, which is easy to fold and can save a lot of preparation time.

The folded volume is directly proportional to the wheel diameter. Comparing the wheel diameters of the following four sizes, it is found that for every increase, the volume of the car will increase by 100 liters (0.1m3). More importantly, when you take a bicycle with a large wheel diameter on public transportation and it is not packed in a bicycle bag, you are likely to be disliked by others. Imagine taking the subway and a person with a bicycle comes up. Do you subconsciously stay away from him because you don’t want to get dirty by the wheel?


Comparison of the folded dimensions of three bicycles with different wheel diameters (height*length*width, in centimeters):


A good folding bike is as rigid as an ordinary bike and won't make you feel any weird while riding it. I once tried riding a 26-inch SAMEBIKE LO26 for 100-150km in one day, including mountain climbing. I felt very comfortable riding it throughout the day. Compared with a 16-inch electric folding bicycle, it can handle all road conditions. The performance is also more stable.

Usually, for folding bikes suitable for long-distance riding, 20-inch wheel diameters are often better, but bigger is not always better. You should try out bikes of different sizes to find the one that suits you best.

PS: In fact, the weight of the car is not particularly important for long-distance riding, but light weight will definitely be more convenient. This is your choice.

20LVXD30-II Folding Electric Mini Bike

Size and Comfort

If you are a member of the long-legged club, you need to pay special attention to the size, otherwise folding bikes can generally hold it. You should choose a car model based on your riding mileage. If it is a long-distance ride, then comfort should be your first priority; if you just want to stroll around the city, then comfort is not your primary consideration.

Wheel diameter: Folding bikes generally come in sizes 16, 20, 24, 26 and 27.5. The selection principle can be summed up in one sentence: your purpose determines the size of the car. Larger wheel diameters will have better passability, loading capacity and transmission range, but if you are traveling in the city or commuting, a 20-inch bicycle will be the best choice.

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