Preparations and Precautions for Riding in Spring

The cold winter is about to pass, and the warm spring is coming. The weather is getting warmer, which is a great time to get out and ride. If you often stay at home to avoid the cold during the winter and are no longer familiar with the feeling of outdoor riding, then the following article will give you suggestions to help you better recover during spring riding.

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1. Ebike inspection:

After a winter of idleness, the status of the vehicle needs to be rechecked before it can be safely put on the road. Remember: safety first, and these quick checks can make your riding more enjoyable.

Tighten everything

Check the quick release lever to make sure the wheel is properly seated; twist and push down on the saddle to make sure it won't move in any direction; twist and push down on the handlebars to make sure the handlebars and stem are tightened correctly.

Check the bearings everywhere

Wheels: Pick up the bike and spin each wheel. Under normal circumstances the wheels should rotate freely without making grinding noise. If the wheel rubs against the brake pads in one spot, or stalls prematurely, check the spokes to make sure they aren't bent or broken. Even if you don't have any of these problems, you should call a mechanic to realign the wheel.

Head tube: Hold the front brake and push the bike forward and backward. The bearings should not allow the fork steerer tube to wobble in the head tube. Pick up the front end and turn the handlebars left and right, it should feel smooth.

Bottom axis: turn the crank left and right. The bottom bracket bearing should allow the crank to rotate smoothly without any grainy or clogged feeling.

Adjust the brakes

When you squeeze the brake lever, there should still be 1/2 to 3/4 of the movement gap between the brake lever and the handlebar, otherwise it needs to be adjusted. Take a look at the brake pads to see if they are worn beyond the indicator grooves. If these indicator grooves are missing or you see any internal metal spots exposed, they need to be replaced.

Cheer up

This is most obvious. After a winter of idleness, the tires are bound to get flat. It can be inflated according to the required air pressure value outside the tire. Restore its former glory.

The above steps will make your bike look great and ride smooth and quiet. You've made sure your bike ride is safe.

2.Clean and lubricate ebiks and ebikes

You don't have to completely disassemble the car to clean it, but it is recommended to remove the wheels to clean large amounts of dirt. Use warm water and a cleaning solution containing a degreaser. Wherever you see dust, dirt, or grease, do whatever you can to clean it. Can clean your bike. After cleaning, please wipe it clean with a dry rag to avoid any liquid leaving water marks or causing rust after drying.

Then, add grease to the chain, derailleur, brake levers, bottom bracket, and all moving parts. And don’t forget that your seat tube may not have been moved for a long time, and the previous carbon fiber anti-slip agent or other grease has dried up and needs to be re-added to avoid unnecessary trouble.

3.Wear appropriate clothing

The temperature in spring is changeable. Compared with other seasons, you need to prepare several different sets of clothes. The key to keeping warm and dry at the same time is to wear breathable fabrics. In spring, you can choose polyethylene cotton or modern merino wool (do not use cotton Quality) Make a layer of basic lining. Then add coats as needed.

For example, when the temperature is 5-10℃, you need to add additional wool socks and winter shoe covers. When the temperature is 10-15℃, you may be able to wear a combination of cycling shorts + leg warmers. But above 16℃, it seems that you can get rid of wool socks.

Of course this is just a suggestion and you may find that these suggestions are too warm or too cold for you. The best way to find out what works for you is to jot down some notes after your ride about the temperature, how you felt and what you were wearing. You can wear it in a style that suits you next fall and spring.

There is another point to note: Do not take off or take off your clothes at will between rides. When your body feels slightly hot, just take off your clothes. Do not take off your clothes and rest in the air vent after sweating profusely. It is very easy to catch a cold.

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4. Pay attention to time selection

In spring, the temperature in the morning is generally very low, the fog is relatively large, and there are more impurities in the air. This is not a suitable time for us to ride. However, when the sun comes out and the temperature has risen to a certain extent, it is more suitable for outdoor riding. when. If you encounter rain, fog, or sandy weather, try to stop riding outside to avoid catching cold or respiratory diseases.

5. Take shelter from the wind

Spring is windy and sandy, and the climate is dry. Therefore, it is not easy for us to expose too many parts of our limbs when riding to prevent joint pain and skin chapped by the spring wind. At the same time, you must learn the breathing method of inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. When riding in the wind, try to wear a mask that can block sand or dust to avoid being choked by wind and dust and causing rhinitis and other respiratory diseases.

6. Replenish moisture and energy

No matter how low the temperature is, hydration is a must. Outdoor riding is an endurance sport that produces a lot of sweat and requires a lot of fluids. Therefore, you must bring enough water with you when riding long distances.

At the same time, long-distance riding makes it easy for riders to exhaust their energy, and in this state, people's appetite will become worse. You may basically not want to eat, so you need to prepare corresponding foods to relieve the symptoms in advance.

Final reminder: Please wear a mask when you go out every day, drive as slowly as possible, abide by traffic rules, and consider safety as your first choice!

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