How to Use Samebike's Display

There are 4 kinds of Displays for SAMEBIKE, As below sheet:

If you want to know how to operate display step by step, pls kindly download  user manual through our webstore.


  • Cristian

    The bike comienza a andar y después se apaga la pantalla y se detiene,creo que tiene que ver con la velocidad. Por favor explíquenme como cambiar la velocidad o cómo reseteo el software para volver a la velocidad normal 25 km. Gracias

  • steve

    I have a different LCD display that has only a single “M” button on the right side of the display. the bike is a 20LVXD30. How can I get an LCD manual for this LCD

  • john muggelberg

    The display screen is displaying (((!))). What does this mean for the model m6t display screen?

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