Can We Use Electric Bikes for Long Distance Touring

What is electric bike touring?

Electric bikes are popular nowadays because these e-bikes have filled the needs of others who like to have a reliable ride without exerting excessive effort. When you use an electric bike, you can travel with much ease because it is not required for you to pedal harder for a longer duration, and then there is the faster riding advantage with e-bikes. It is also why most people use electric bikes for touring at present. Bike enthusiasts have found another way to explore the world using a reliable electric touring bike, not just younger people but folks of various ages.

Most cyclists found out that they are not exhausted after every ride because an e-bike does most of the work, such as excessive force when hill climbing, climbing steep paths, or cruising rocky terrain. Also, they reach many destinations because of the reduced travel time.

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Although there are advantages to using an e-bike when touring, there are also some considerations you need to remember.

Considerations for using electric bikes for long-distance touring

As mentioned, there are concerns and conditions that you need to keep in mind before you decide to use the best electric bike for long-distance touring, things you need to assess include.

Knowledge of your electric bike

It is where you should focus cause knowing your e-bike will be crucial when taking a long-distance tour, and it is not only making it run but understanding the inside and out of your bike. Troubleshooting is another piece of knowledge to consider. When your tire suddenly becomes immobile, or the battery is not working, you will know what issues you are facing.

Is your bike well-maintained?

Electric bikes are reliable at a certain degree of usability and depend on how you maintain them. If you check the parts often and take them to a technician if it needs repair, then you may have a reliable e-bike, but if you are someone who rides your e-bike whenever without any required precaution, you cannot rely on your e-bike for long-distance touring. You need preparation for any issue on the way.

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Maximum Range

A vital piece of information to consider is the maximum range of your electric bike. When you are touring, you must have someplace to recharge the battery, staying clueless about the spec and your electric bike's range is an inconvenience. Knowing so can help you plan an itinerary that will not leave you in the middle of the road with an electric bike that will not budge.


You can choose the best electric bike for long-distance touring with a higher battery capacity, however, remember that the bigger the battery, the heavier it will be. You may also decide whether you will have two batteries or just one.


The ebike motor is a vital component since it is considered the soul of your electric bike. You can select whether to have a mid-drive or a hub-drive motor. When you opt for a mid-drive, it is lighter, making an easier uphill climb, and helps with the stability of your electric bike. You can use a mid-drive motor when off-road or on any rough terrain. An e-bike with a hub-drive motor lessens the shifting difficulty and does not present any stress while you use the electric bike. The placement of the hub-drive motor also has an advantage on your electric bike.


Electric bikes differ in their speed as some are faster than others. However, when you tour, check the speed limit where you will visit cause it may have a speed issue once you get to your destination.

How to choose the best electric bike for touring?

When you are off to planning your e-bike touring, here are some factors you need to consider

The terrain you will ride on.

It is crucial cause some electric bikes are best suited for road use while other e-bikes are not. Let us say you are riding on mountainous terrain, ensuring your electric bike's suspension is essential. The design must be according to the type of riding, but if you are going to use smooth terrain, there are also available e-bikes created for such travel.

What gear do you plan to carry

Load limit when you are using your electric bike for a long-distance tour is vital, you may want to carry all your gear, but your electric bike may not have the capacity to do so. The MGVW or the Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight of your bike must not exceed, and if in case your gear is within the MGVW, you need to consider if it is comfortable for you to tour with all your load.

The distance you will ride each day.

When using your electric bike, you need to consider the miles you will cover each day. When you use an electric bike, the battery will decrease every time, and you need to find a recharging station where you can restore the battery fast.

ebike range

Do you have the opportunity to charge your e-bike?

Some routes and stops have a battery charging station, unless you are near any, using up all the battery of your electric bike is not advisable. It is why knowing the battery range of your electric bike is vital. When in a situation without a way for your electric bike to move minus a battery, you will learn the importance of reviewing the route, the battery range, and a backup plan.

What is your budget?

If you are sure that you have all you need, then a measly budget is all you need, however, a budget will also depend on the trip you are planning to take. Say you need to stay in a camp or any accommodation facility or spend some food along the way, an allocation should match it.


You may find that traveling with an electric bike has pros and cons, but as long as you are ready for any issue, it is safe to say that you are right in selecting an electric bike. Long-distance touring may be your unexplored option, but you may find that doing so can open your eyes to a unique and amazing experience.

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