Why is Cycling More Effective Than Running for Exercise?

Cycling and walking are both popular aerobic exercises. Which is better for workout? Let’s analyze it together.

1. The change of heartbeat

The more change in heartbeat, the more amount of exercise. Studies have shown that although cycling seems easy, the change in heart rate is more significant. The advantage of cycling is that it feels easy, but the amount of physical exercise is reached quickly.

2. Calorie burn

It looks like walking is more sweaty than cycling, because walking take more time; In fact they have same average calorie consumption per minute,but cycling is much easier.

3. Muscles workout areas

Experiments have shown that walking works the muscles of the calf belly and cycling works the muscles of the thighs and the intestinal lumbar .The muscles of the thighs support our weight and lift the feet, so we should exercise it properly.

4. Muscle building

The latest plyometric research shows that only reach more than 30% of your maximum muscle strength, you will be able to increase your muscle strength. Less this level, the muscles are still at risk of weakening. You can achieve a muscle building effect easily when ride bike 17m with With 1.25% incline,while walking is hard to do it.

5. Improve vascular health

At the end of exercise, the blood flows faster and generate nitric oxide, which softens the muscles around the blood vessels . The faster the blood moves, the more nitric oxide is generated. And cycling speeds up the movement of blood tenfold. This is why people with vascular problems should take up cycling. And how long to achieve this result? Experts recommend 35 minutes a day for riders under 40, 30 minutes for those aged 40 to 50, 25 minutes for those aged 50 to 60 and 20 minutes for those over 60.

6. Prevent Alzheimer's disease

Research at the University of Illinois in the US found that for every 5% improvement in cardiorespiratory fitness through cycling, there is a 15% improvement in intelligence tests. The study's author, Professor Arthur Kramer, says this is because cycling helps the brain to produce new brain cells in the memory area, which usually degenerates from the age of 30. by boosting blood and oxygen flow to the brain, promoting and regenerating nerve endings, it helps to prevent Alzheimer's disease.

Well, now we know that cycling is fun and healthy. But busy urbanites have to work and take care of kids ,we don't have time to ride for exercise. How about ride to work? but not fast enough and sweating on hills.

Why don't add a motor to your bike. So you can commute to work on your bike. Get some exercise and enjoy cycling, at the same time no longer worrying about traffic jams, parking and rising fuel prices.

Ebikes from SAMEBIKE have 3 riding modes: pedal mode, moped mode, and pure electric mode. 

Switch to pedal mode when You want to exercise on a flat road.

Use the pure electric mode when you want to quickly cross the traffic jams and tackle steep hills.

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