Can You Ride Electric Bike In the Rain

Now that electric bikes are available for people who enjoys moving around and going to places, it has become a familiar sight to see people using them. People feel the numerous advantage to using an electric bike, such as the low-cost expenses with the help of rechargeable batteries and with it being an emission-free vehicle. The wide variety of design is another positive factor of an e-bike that makes it highly appealing, not to mention the possibility of providing it with your own design. Electric bike can run fast up to 45km/h and higher. But is it a good idea to have one, especially when it is raining? Can you ride an electric bike in the rain?

Can Electric Bikes Get Wet?

Before you hesitate about riding your e-bike when the weather is not perfect, and the rain has no signs of stopping, understand that it is alright to ride an electric bike during heavy rains.

E-bikes are made highly durable, even in not-so-good weather, but you have to ensure that you have taken the necessary steps to make riding your e-bike safe.

Recently manufactured e-bikes are water-resistant, but here are some steps you need to consider before enjoying a ride on your e-bike while it is raining.

What You Should Do When Riding Electric Bike in the Rain

Use bike fenders

Bike fenders will not only protect you from the dirt and debris while riding, but will also shield your e-bike's battery from getting wet. Although electric bike can withstand moisture and will not stop with just a few raindrops, it is still not an option for you to have the battery soaked with rainwater. Sometimes you may chance on a puddle, and there will be splashes that can repeatedly land near your battery or on the e-bike's components that primarily require protection.

Wear waterproof clothing

You may be enjoying the electric bike in the rain, but having wet clothes will give you discomfort. It is not a good idea to wear clothes that will be dripping wet with just a few drops of rain. Weatherproof clothing is a good idea and one you must think of having when you purchase an e-bike Some of the clothing you may consider is a rain jacket, cycling pants, cycling tights, and even biking gloves because when raining, the weather can be freezing in an instant. Waterproof shoes should be considered, also shoes with a warm fit. Cycling caps are another option as they can keep the rain off your eyes and retain your vision while biking.

Weatherproof your stuff

Another consideration is getting a waterproof bag to keep your stuff from getting wet. It can be a shoulder bag or a backpack, as most bikers are more comfortable using it. Any material to keep your vital items secure is a good idea, especially when carrying electronics, such as your laptop, mobile, or other devices.

Use headlights and tail lights

When it rains, some vehicles on the road may take you by surprise, other vehicles may not be as visible, particularly when your eyesight becomes compromised. What you need to remember is that any features you can add to your e-bike will increase your safety while riding it. Some important details include a flashing headlight, reflectors, and warning taillights to add visibility.

Brake early

Since rain can make the road slippery, you have to brake early instead of doing it at the last minute. If riding any vehicle, you must make a complete stop when you have to. The brakes may not hold as fast during the time, so an early brake is a great idea. When it is not raining, braking is easy, but it is a different matter with the change in weather.

Be cautious of corners

You may be a professional e-bike user, but corners spell danger, specifically when it is raining. Even if you are an experienced rider or believe that your e-bike can handle extremely fun, and fast rides, you have to be always careful. Use the brakes on time and guarantee you are not acting spontaneously with your turns.

Slow down

It is not wise to be on your electric bike and ride at high speed while raining. You may not be able to see the hazards ahead or even the potholes that can cause accidents. Some vehicles may also not avoid you if you are at high speed, and while vision is compromised. High-speed riding can cause, not just damage to your bike but yourself as well.

Avoid shortcuts or unfamiliar roads

If you are usually excited about taking different and new paths or checking out unfamiliar roads when you are e-biking, it is not an alternative when raining. The road surface is different, and it can get difficult to pass through during rainfall.

Make yourself visible

There are ways you can add visibility when riding your e-bike while raining, some gears are neon or luminescent in color or have reflectors that make you highly visible. It is not a good idea to follow what you would rather wear because of fashion, color or for comfort while leaving the matter of safety behind. If you don't have any reflector gear, you may choose clothing with a light color.

Clean your electric bike after a ride

Your e-bike may be the most expensive, but it still requires cleaning after use. You can wash it or brush off remnants of dirt to have the assurance that you are maintaining your vehicle. Do not let it dry on its own, as the dirt, and the debris will dry with it. Wiping the bike is a big help to keep your vehicle in top condition, and you can enjoy it for years.

FAQs for Riding Electric Bike in the Rain

Q: Is riding an electric bike in the rain safe?

Using an electric bike in the rain is safe as most of these e-bikes are manufactured as water resistant and can withstand bad weather. However, there are some safeguards you need to remember. One in particular is not submerging any components of the e-bike, such as the motor and battery. Riding an e-bike may be like riding an ordinary bike, but it has components that require an extra shield.

You are not just to consider your vehicle but also ways to keep yourself safe during your ride.

Q: How to find your electric bike's IP rating?

IP ratings of electric bikes indicate the rate of the vehicle for water resistance. IP (ingress protection) indicates the guard in place for the electrical equipment and protection against contact intrusion, dust, or water.

The IP rating has various placements depending on the manufacturer, but it is commonly seen in battery compartments. You may also inquire from the manufacturer if you want to learn the IP rating of the electric bike you are interested in.

IP has a first and second number, where the first starts from 0, meaning no protection, and the highest protection is 6. This first number indicates the risk if it comes in contact with solids. The second number starts from 0 to 9, which suggests its rating or how protected it is from water when used in the rain or even during accidental water immersion.

It is necessary to check the IP ratings before purchasing an e-bike cause you have to consider when to use it and where to commute often. If you use your electric bike daily as transportation, it is common to get a higher IP rating, and additional protection for your e-bike is not a bad idea either.

Q: Can I leave my electric bike out in the rain?

It is a good news cause you can leave your electric bike out in the rain but not for an extended period. Although it can withstand getting wet during rainfall, it is not entirely waterproof. This means you can park it outside briefly while keeping it safe from water submersion. A covering will also help to protect your electric bike outside during bad weather.

What you can do is look for other protection, such as dialectic grease that can repel water to keep the electrical connections of your e-bike safeguarded from moisture.

Another safety addition is to use liquid electrical tape, which can cover the electrical points of your e-bike and act as a barrier to keep the critical components intact. If you are suspecting severe weather however, and it is imminent, you need to consider bringing your e-bike inside the garage or where it is safe.


Most electric bike users worry about getting their e-bikes rained on, but there is no need to stress as it is safe to ride the e-bike while it rains with the proper safety measures. The rain is not enough reason to stop riding and cease the enjoyment for users of electric bike. There are safe practices required, and tips observed to make riding e-bikes in the rain secure. It just takes extra work and precaution to ensure a safe trip while using your electric bike during a downpour.


  • Majid

    Today was een raining day, and this is the first time i ride my electric bike in the rain, suddently i heard een noise coming from the front light, i stopped, ik felt the light it’s bit (hot), and i turned the light off and the noise stoped (the water comes inside the light and this is why it made noise)…
    Do you have any idea what can i do?
    Thank you
    Majid Abid

  • huseebike

    It was a great article. thanks for covering how to ride an e-bike in rain. I thought it’s a little bit difficult to drive an e-bike in rain, but u covered lots of points about how can drive an e-bike in rain.

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