Electric bicycle safety riding advice

Commuting on an e-bike is simply great! You can carry more stuff without breaking a sweat, go faster than a traditional bike without using more energy, and don't even have to worry about traffic or parking. In addition, riding is also like exercising outdoors. As with traditional bikes, knowing how to safely use an e-bike for commuting will make the whole experience more fun and rewarding!


  1. Start slowly - You may be tempted to immediately bring your e-bike up to the fastest speed set, but we recommend not being in such a hurry and starting with the low power setting for the first few rides. We also recommend that you ride in a large, empty parking lot or on a closed road until you are familiar with your e-bike.


  1. Faster braking - More power, higher speeds and a heavier frame mean you need to start lowering your e-bike sooner than on a regular bike.


  1. Smooth and gentle braking - Basically all e-bikes come with disc brakes, which means more efficient braking in all situations. As you get used to your new bike and brakes, be sure to always apply braking power gradually with gentle movements, pulling evenly on both brake levers.


  1. Ride with extra care - An e-bike looks just like a regular bike, so one might not expect you to ride at the speeds allowed on an e-bike. This means you should ride with extra caution and be more aware of your surroundings.


  1. Obey the rules of the road - Your new e-bike will give you more freedom and fun, but it is still your responsibility to know and obey all the highway, road and trail traffic rules in your area. There are many advantages to electric bikes, so experience them and show how much fun they can be to ride. No one likes a reckless rider, especially an e-bike ride.


And of course, no matter the distance, make sure you wear a quality helmet properly before you set out on each ride!


Know your path

The special thing about e-bike commuting is that you can choose a slightly longer but safer path (or one with better views!) ), and even then you can arrive on time. It's a good idea to plan your route in advance, or even take a ride on a weekend or rest day to calculate how long it will take and whether you like the route.


Use online mapping services to research the route, and consider adding handlebar mount brackets for your phone or GPS if you need turn-by-turn directions. Pro tip: You can always go into your local bike store for trail advice!


Optimize e-bike travel

Each e-bike charge trip depends on your battery, motor and assist level. Factors such as wind, weather, temperature and gradient can also have a huge impact, but you can't change these! Then, try the following to make the most of:


Find a comfortable pedaling frequency

The slower your feet rotate, the harder the motor operates. Gradually vary the speed to find an efficient balance and ensure that neither you nor the motor is overloaded.


Lighten the load

One of the advantages of an e-bike is that it can carry more stuff. But the disadvantage is that the more you carry, the greater the load on the motor. It is advisable to pay attention to how much weight you are carrying.


Use lower levels of auxiliary power

The higher the power mode, the less travel. Try using a higher level of assist on uphill and a lower level of assist on flat ground.


Watch this tutorial for more tips on how to increase travel and use the Bosch Power Finder tool to help calculate e-bike travel.


Getting attention improves safety

Regardless of the time and place of the ride, motorists (and other cyclists and pedestrians) are not always aware of cyclists. Especially during rush hour commutes, it's easy to get distracted. The good news is that there are proven ways to make others notice you.


Always turn on your lights

During the day, use your front and rear daytime cycling lights, and the special flashing mode helps others notice you from a distance. At night, use bright headlights in addition to flashing headlights and taillights to illuminate the road ahead.


Wear visible clothing

Fluorescent clothing attracts the eye and increases the visibility of the rider during the day. Avoid wearing all dark colors!


Wear reflective clothing

Clothing with reflective elements plays an important role in being spotted in poor lighting and nighttime conditions.



Learn how to travel in one piece

You've heard the adage - it's always best to be prepared! We'll explain what you should bring on each ride and how to pack strategically for the trip.


The following is a short list:


1) Front and rear lights - always have your lights on, even in daylight!

2) Tire Tie Kit

3) Water and food

4) Warm clothes and/or raincoat

5) Cell phone and cash


With an electric bike, you also need to make sure the battery is fully charged before you hit the road. You may even want to bring a charger if you are unfamiliar with the trail and don't know the time or distance you will be riding. And of course, don't forget to wear a quality helmet.



Lock your e-bike properly

Although you can park an electric bicycle in almost any place where you can park a regular bicycle, it is still important to make sure that the place you park is secure and that you take care to leave it locked.


Buy a good lock

Even if your e-bike comes with a lock, consider purchasing a separate one to secure your personal property. Be sure to choose a quality lock that will not be easily cut by thieves. Lock your bike to a permanently fixed object, or if you can, use a cable lock to lock the wheels and any quick release device parts (such as the seat).


Be careful where you park your bike

As with other bicycles, even when properly locked, they can still be a target for theft. This is especially true for overnight parking as late night vandalism occurs. It is best to park your e-bike in a well-lit area where other bikes can be parked.


Please take the battery away

If the battery can be easily removed from the frame, it is best to take it with you. If you are only in the store for a short time, it may not be a problem to leave the battery on the bike, but if you are going to park the bike for a few hours during work or leave it out all day, we recommend that you take the battery with you.


  • Kelvin

    Had my second bike stolen by kids apparently doesn’t matter how many locks you have if they want it the will take it.

  • Lorenzo Moretti

    Mettere una corona anteriore della catena, può essere che una buona idea?

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