Why are 250W Electric Bikes Becoming Mainstream?

In the world of electric assist, aside from speed, motor power is probably the constant hot topic – and the main selling point.

How much power an electric bicycle requires is determined by many factors such as the type of motor and the design orientation of the electric bike. Understanding this can also help us better konw the reasons why laws in various countries limit the power of electric assist motors when discussing motor power.

Small electric bicycles are a very convenient means of transportation for adults, especially 250w electric bicycles, which are suitable as commuting tools. This small electric bike has enough power to handle the demands of urban commuting with ease.

Why are 250W Electric Bikes Becoming Mainstream?

First of all, for people who travel short distances such as commuting, outdoor leisure, etc., an electric bicycle with a 250W motor has suitable power. The 250W motor power is neither too powerful nor too weak. An electric bicycle with a 250W motor can provide sufficient power.

More importantly, the 250W motor requires less battery capacity, and the overall body will be lighter, making riding more relaxed and comfortable. Similarly, if the 250W motor is equipped with a large-capacity battery, the electric bicycle has low power and the battery needs to provide less power. The electric bicycle will naturally have a longer battery life and is more suitable for riders who ride long distances.

Secondly, electric bicycles with 250W motors are within the scope of the law. Electric bicycles are usually divided into two categories in the EU: electric-assisted bicycles and electric bicycles. The so-called electric bicycles that are legal on the road without a driver's license refer to electric-assisted bicycles, with a maximum power limit of 250 watts and a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour.
This standard applies to electric-assisted bicycles that meet the following conditions:
1. Maximum rated power 250 watts (0.25kw);
2. When the speed reaches 25km/h or when pedaling is stopped, the output horsepower will gradually weaken and eventually lose power;
3. The battery voltage is lower than 48VDC or the built-in charger voltage is 230V

Choosing an electric bicycle with a 250W motor ensures that it is used within the legal scope and does not violate local traffic regulations. This is especially important for some people who need to ride for a long time to avoid unnecessary trouble and fines.

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In addition, the price of electric bicycles with 250W motors is relatively low. Compared with higher-power electric bicycles, electric bicycles with 250W motors are often more affordable. For some people with a limited budget, choosing an electric bike with a 250W motor is an affordable choice. Not only can you enjoy the convenience of an electric bicycle, but you can also make it easier financially.

250W is usually enough for many e-bikes. Although this statement is unacceptable to many people, in general, the 250W motor is enough to provide good assistance to the rider's pedaling. Remember, e-bikes are still bicycles and, by definition, require at least a little physical effort.SAMEBIKE's Hot-Selling 250W electric bicycle starts at 649 euros and is ideal for commuting, outdoor riding, fitness sports and other cycling needs.

No matter which bike you choose, it must meet your daily riding needs. If you don’t need a huge and power-hungry motor and you only plan to use the bike for daily commuting or performing some light tasks at a reasonable speed, then a 250W e-bike is perfect for you.

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