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Help Samebike Spread , Then We Give Back

SAMEBIKE is now offering rewards for social media sharing!

As we would like to put together something amazing for all of our wonderful customers and subscribers for delivering our deepest gratitude for your great support, we arranged the  SAMEBIKE  Reward Program.

Not only quick and easy but the most important and best part is that it will get you heaps of extra bonuses, here is how it works:

To participate in the program, please share your riding experience with the SAMEBIKE  e-bike as videos or photos on your social media. The videos or photos posted on (1) YouTube and Instagram the titles should contain SAMEBIKEOFFICIAL; (2) Facebook should be added the tag #SAMEBIKE and @SAMEBIKEEUROPE; (3) TikTok and Twitter, should be added the tag #SAMEBIKE and @SAMEBIKE.

About the reward, please refer to the below table:

YouTube & TikTok

Video Views



1 coupon of € 30  OFF for the website


1 coupon of  50  OFF for the website


1 coupon of € 80  OFF for the website


1 coupon of € 100  OFF for the website


Facebook & Instagram & Twitter

Photo & Video Likes



1 Helmet for free


1 coupon of 30 OFF for the website


1 coupon of 50 OFF for the website


1. Please keep your views of the video real.

2. This program is only available for fans that are owning at least 1 SAMEBIKE  product.

For more information, please contact: