Ebike Legal Issues

Are samebike electric bikes legal in Europe and UK?

The SAMEBIKE electric bicycle is fully compliant with the legal regulations for assisted bicycles in both the European Union and the United Kingdom:

1)Maximum Speed
The default speed setting upon purchase aligns with EU/UK regulations at 25KM/H. However, for those inclined, it's possible to unlock the speed limit to reach 35KM/H or higher (instructions to remove the limit can be obtained from customer service).

2)Maximum Power
The motor doesn't have explicit power markings, adhering to EU/UK regulations. The actual motor power is indicated by the "D" code, like "500W" as "500D" or "250W500D," encompassing both rated and peak power within legal limits.

3)Pure Electric Drive Mode:
The bike comes with a detachable thumb throttle. Removing it complies with EU/UK regulations, which prohibit a pure electric mode. However, users can install the throttle according to preference for a pure electric mode (instructions for the detachable throttle are included or available via customer service).

4)Product COC Certification
All SAMEBIKE models have obtained CE and UKCA certifications from the EU's ECM institution, ensuring full compliance with legal standards.