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Electric Bikes Transform This City into a Role Mode
In the pursuit of transportation electrification, more and more people believe that the future of transportation is not four-wheeled, but two-wheeled. As electric bikes become more popular, enthusiasts are increasingly seeing them as a tool to reduce car traffic and air pollution, rather than just a fun new toy.
What is the optimal temperature for an e-bike battery?
Electric bikes (e-bikes) have revolutionized the way we commute and enjoy recreational rides. At the heart of these marvels of modern transportation is the battery,...
What is the carbon footprint of an e-bike?
In fact, when you compare e-bikes to cars and other forms of transportation, e-bikes win overwhelmingly, especially when it comes to energy and environmental impact.
5 Best Electric Bikes For Women of SAMEBIKE 2024
In search of an electric bike tailored for women? Whether it's for your own use or to surprise a fortunate lady with a set of fresh wheels, the quest for the perfect one necessitates some exploration. The market boasts a wide array of choices, ranging from laid-back women's cruiser electric bikes to adrenaline-pumping women's road bikes and rugged mountain bikes built for downhill thrills.
Pedal Assist vs. Throttle: Understanding the Difference on an eBike
In the world of electric bicycles (e-bikes), two primary modes of propulsion dominate the scene: pedal assist and throttle. Each mode offers a distinct riding experience, catering to different preferences and needs. 

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