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Choose Your Ebike Bags for Your Cycling
Ordinary backpacks are a bad choice for riding. Not only will your shoulders bear more pressure, but your back will not be breathable, making riding very uncomfortable. Different styles of backpacks are designed for different positions on the bicycle. Let’s see which one is your ebike bags for your cycling?
Efficiency vs Handling: The Difference Between Hardtail and Softail Mountain Ebikes
For mountain bikes, whether there is a frame rear shock absorber is an important indicator, which directly affects the design, riding quality and performance of the mountain bike. Hardtail or softail,While both have their advantages, they differ in terms of efficiency and handling. 
Torque Vs. Cadence: How to Choose the Right Bike Sensor?
How do sensors work? Generally, when you drive your e-bike, the sensor transmits the signal to the pedal assist system (PAS). The PAS then communicates the information to the bike's control unit.

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