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How to Choose Motorcycle Hub Motor: Brushless vs. Brushed
Choosing a suitable motor has become the source of motorcycle power. So how to choose motorcycle hub motor? Let's dive deeper from the perspective of brushless and brushed.
Ebike Range: How Long Range Can Your Electric Bike Go?
The ebike range can comprehensively calculate the electric bicycle distance based on the load, battery voltage, battery capacity, battery weight, discharge time, discharge current, etc., so as to konw how lLong range can your ebike go.
Efficiency vs Handling: The Difference Between Hardtail and Softail Mountain Ebikes
For mountain bikes, whether there is a frame rear shock absorber is an important indicator, which directly affects the design, riding quality and performance of the mountain bike. Hardtail or softail,While both have their advantages, they differ in terms of efficiency and handling. 
Why is Cycling More Effective Than Running for Exercise?
Cycling and walking are both popular aerobic exercises. Which is better for workout? Let’s analyze it together.
How to Ride Bikes Comfortably
When you start riding, your riding position largely determines how comfortable you are or how far you can ride. So how to set yourself up for a comfortable riding position?

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