Cycling Routes—9 Preferred Bike Trails in European

Europe is the paradise of cycling. The three major cycling races are all located in Europe. But in fact, in addition to these more difficult professional routes, Europe is also a great destination for ordinary people to cycle touring. Whether you are a beginner setting out on a bicycle for the first time or a veteran with thousands of kilometers of riding experience, you can find a cycling route that suits you here.

Along these routes, there are local food and wine, spectacular mountain canyons and other natural landscapes, as well as historic medieval towns and quiet European countryside. The roads are in good condition and the logistics are complete. It is an excellent way to appreciate the scenery of Europe. If you're planning a trip to Europe, set aside a few days to ride.

1. Danube Cycle Trail
Location: Germany and Austria
Difficulty: Beginner
Highlights: Family trip, medieval landmarks, European countryside

Danube Cycle TrailThe Danube Cycle Trail runs along the Danube River, forming a natural border between Austria and Germany, and is one of the best-known and easiest cycling routes in Europe. It winds along the Danube River from Germany to the Black Sea, but the most popular section is undoubtedly the 306 kilometers between Passau, Germany, and Vienna, Austria. This section of the trail is scenic, has almost no other traffic, and is fairly flat, making it suitable for riders of any age and ability.

2. Flanders Beer Route
Location: Belgium
Difficulty: Beginner
Highlights: Beer, beer, tons of beer!

Flanders Beer RouteBelgian drinkers have developed various brewery lines in Flanders. You can freely join several brewery lines to form your own exclusive route. The general length of these brewery lines is about 32 to 48 kilometers. On the way you can see traditional Belgian breweries and taste one of the best beers in the world. On the way, there are also quiet European pastoral scenery and medieval historical buildings waiting for you.

3. Ciclovia Alpe Adria Radweg
Location: Austria and Italy
Difficulty: Intermediate
Highlights: Alpine scenery, European towns, Italian food

Ciclovia Alpe Adria Radweg
This 416-kilometer cycle path starts in Salzburg, the fourth largest city in the Republic of Austria, and winds through the Alps before ending in Grado on Italy's Mediterranean coast. In Austria, there are no steep climbs and cyclists can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Alps. When arriving in Italy, the vibrant town scenery and the Mediterranean breeze blow in your face, and cyclists can also taste a wide variety of Italian food and wine along the way.

4. Piva Canyon Highway
Location: Montenegro
Difficulty: Beginner
Highlights: Rivers, canyons, quiet roads

Piva Canyon Highway
The Piva Canyon Road in Montenegro is close to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina and is part of the European route E762. Entering Montenegro from Vučevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina, along the E762 road, you will see the emerald Piva River and the magnificent river valley carved by it. The entire Piva Gorge Road follows the river gorge and passes through more than 60 tunnels before reaching Plujny. Pluzheny is a resort town, and once you get here you can relax with a swim in Lake Piva. Most of the tunnels on this 26-kilometer highway are short and there are few vehicles passing through, so there is no need to worry about unexpected accidents.

5. Iron Curtain Trail
Location: Bulgaria
Difficulty: Hard
Highlights: primitive roads, natural style, low consumption

Iron Curtain Trail
Mountains, low-cost spa towns, delicious food and wine make up Bulgaria's Iron Curtain Trail. The route begins on the sub-Balkan trails, with several famous wineries along the way. Follow the path east and you'll reach the mountains bordering Greece, home to affordable spa towns like Gocedelcev and Devin, so enjoy some of them here. You can also ride up to the Rhodope Mountains to enjoy the beauty of unspoiled nature, and there are free campsites on the mountains.

6. Road to the Hebrides
Location: Scotland
Difficulty: Easy
Highlights: Wildlife, coastal scenery

Road to the HebridesThe Outer Hebrides, also known as the Western Isles, are a chain of islands off the coast of mainland Scotland. This 297km long Hebridean cycle route is also known as National Cycle Route (NCR) 780. It passes through 10 islands in the Outer Hebrides, connected by ferries and causeways. Remote and peaceful roads wind along the rugged Atlantic coastline and through the hills, where you'll find spectacular Scottish sea views and the chance to get up close and personal with wildlife such as puffins.

7. Parenzana
Location:Italy, Slovenia and Croatia
Difficulty: Intermediate
Highlights: wine and olive oil, seaside towns, gastronomy

The 123-kilometer Parenzana cycle path connects Trieste, Italy, and Poreč, Croatia, passing through the three countries of the Istria Peninsula and is known as the "Road of Health and Friendship." Replenish your hunger with local delicacies as you follow the hilly paths that pass through picturesque fishing villages, hilltop villages and valleys dotted with fertile vineyards along the coast of Istria.

8. Alsace Wine Route
Location: France
Difficulty: Intermediate
Highlights: wineries, villages, quiet roads

Alsace Wine Route
The Alsace Wine Route stretches from Strasbourg, France to the small town of Colmar in the east, and stretches for 170 kilometers along the eastern slopes of the Vosges Mountains in France. Cyclists can enjoy the Alsace wine region while riding. All wine and food. It is one of the most scenic cycling routes in France, following old railway lines and Roman roads, and taking you deep into French villages for the most in-depth wine tasting experience.

9. Rallarvegen
Location: Norway
Difficulty: Easy to Hard
Highlights: Glaciers, mountains, valleys, fjords

RallarvegenOriginally used to transport materials for railway construction, the road has since become one of Norway's most popular and scenic cycle routes. You can take your bike with you and take a train from Bergen or Oslo, or you can rent one when you get to town and then have the freedom to ride the dirt roads between Haugastøl and Flåm. okay. Along the way are historic buildings and unparalleled scenery. You can choose to complete this 82-kilometer route in one day, or you can slow down and extend the trip for a few days, stopping at beautiful towns along the way.

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