Best Ebike Model: Is a Step-Through Ebike Right for You?

Step-Through bicycle frame designs have been around since the late 1800s and were originally designed to make it easier for women to ride bicycles while wearing the formal attire of the time (mainly long skirts and dresses). This is why step bikes are traditionally considered women's bikes.

However, in the early 20th century, step-through frames were increasingly used to build utility bicycles (such as post office bicycles) because the design made it easier to install and remove the bicycle.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and step-through frames have become one of the most popular choices for e-bike riders. They are comfortable, safe and stylish. The old-fashioned idea that these frames were only for women has long since disappeared, and now anyone regardless of gender, age and ability can ride them.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Step-Through Ebike

When it comes to step-through electric bikes, the pros outweigh the cons. I've listed the main pros and cons below.


Comfort: Step-through electric bikes are designed with comfort in mind, often featuring an upright riding position that takes pressure off the lower back and wrists. This is why in Europe, stepped passages are popular among commuters.

Safety: Many cycling accidents occur when a cyclist loses his or her footing while stationary or just getting on the bike. Taking it step by step can greatly reduce the chance of this happening.

Clothing: If you wear skinny jeans, skirts, a step-through electric bike is perfect. You don't need to worry about wearing stretchy, cycling-specific clothing. Step-throughp electric bikes are great for riding to meet friends for a drink or a meal.
Mobility: If you have limited mobility or are recovering from an injury, a step-in frame is perfect. That's why they've become popular electric bikes for older riders.
Quick Installation/Removal: This is why stepper bikes have been popular as delivery bikes since the early 20th century. If you're using an e-bike for deliveries, a step-through model is perfect. Most cargo e-bikes have step-through frames.


Perception: Even some younger riders still think that stepovers are just for women. Don't let what others think influence you. Ride whatever is comfortable and suits your needs.
Weight: Stepper frames are generally slightly heavier than traditional diamond frames due to structural elements and the thicker gauge tubing required for added strength.
Not as easy to carry: It’s much easier to carry a diamond frame bike, but you don’t want to carry an e-bike on your shoulders anyway.

Step-Through Ebike

Should I buy a step-through electric bike?

This depends on your personal preference. If you ride in busy urban areas and frequently need to stop and start, a step-through frame will make your life much easier. As e-bikes for everyday use, they're great - if you want to go shopping or go out for a coffee, you can hop on one in jeans and a T-shirt and go!

If you want a step-through electric bike, SAMEBIKE will be your choice. Samebike RS-a01 adopts a step-by-step design, making the riding more stable and comfortable, suitable for beginners and everyone. It is equipped with a 750W motor and 45KM/H Max Speed. It is equipped with LED lights, LCD screens, riding mode selection and other functions to provide a convenient riding experience. Equipped with a high-capacity lithium battery, it can provide a cruising range of tens of kilometers to meet the needs of daily commuting and short-distance travel.

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