Winter Cycling Gear: Tips for Cold Weather Riding

There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong gear, so pick the right stuff for the right weather, prepare your riding gear, and then get out there and ride. When riding in winter, prepare your riding equipment and there will be nothing to worry about when riding in winter.

Winter Cycling

Before we discuss how to ride safely in the winter, it’s worth reminding yourself of the benefits of winter biking. If you are an environmentalist, there is no doubt that winter cycling is low-carbon and environmentally friendly. On the other hand, it can also keep you active during the cold winter, ensure your health, and prepare you for your return to riding condition in spring. From the perspective of commuting, riding a bicycle saves trouble and eliminates the fear of traffic jams, even in winter.

Before you start your cold-weather ride, start by preparing your best “teammate”—an electric bike that can handle the cold and handle all terrain. It is recommended to choose an affordable electric bike with wide tires that can withstand the cold.
Some other helpful notes:

Aluminum wheels – Aluminum is cold-resistant and not easily deformed. Even if the aluminum wheels travel through snow, they will not rust after rain, giving your bicycle a longer life.Samebike electric bicycles all use 6061 aluminum alloy frames, which are waterproof, cold-proof, strong and durable.

Flat pedals – When riding a bicycle in winter, you need to be able to get your feet to the ground quickly, and lock pedals are definitely not a good choice.

Mudguards – a must! The weather is unpredictable, so unless you want to ride in the winter with a wet and cold butt, put on the fenders.

Lower the seat - this is the same principle as using flat pedals, you don't want to fall out, right? Getting your feet to the ground quickly in unpredictable situations is crucial. Lowering the seat height will make your center of gravity more stable and ensure that your feet can be firmly planted on the ground in an instant

ebike layers

Preparation is key

Dress in layers
The secret to a comfortable ride no matter the weather is insulation. In the winter we need to dress in layers because different layers can have slightly different functions and also trap heat between them. In cold conditions, choose a mid-front jersey with good wind protection, as the cold will hit your chest and belly first while riding. There is an option to add a layer in the form of a vest. It will better provide "warmth" for your torso

Bring a bike light
Once the winter season is over, you will find that it gets dark very quickly and the days become shorter and shorter. If you plan on going out riding, bike lights are an absolute must. When riding on the road, it is very important to have lights so that others can see you and protect your own safety. Especially in winter, due to the sudden drop in temperature, there are generally few people riding bicycles on the road, which means that car drivers are generally less aware of their cyclists. It should be reminded that due to low temperatures, the power consumption of bicycle lights also increases, so it is important to charge them in time.

Winter tires
If you are riding in ice and snow, it is also important to prepare a good set of winter or snow tires. Changing to dedicated winter fat or tubeless tires that run at lower pressures will provide more grip during the winter and the chance of a puncture will be slightly reduced. (Recommended reading: The best tires for winter riding)

Cycling glasses
Eye protection in winter is as important as in summer. The cumulative effect of the sun's ultraviolet rays on invisible eyes while riding in winter is greatly increased, and the threat to eyes and vision is also greatly increased. Moreover, wet roads in winter also greatly increase the chance that foreign objects may fly into the eyes from the road.

Bike maintenance after snow riding

Finally, your bike needs to be maintained during the winter to maintain its peak performance. It's OK to leave your bike outside all winter, and some even think it's better this way: it keeps your bike safe from the alternating cycles of ice, snow, and heat that can trigger salt buildup.

But whether you leave your car outside or indoors, be sure to shake off any excess snow when you get home, and check your brakes before heading out (it can freeze if left outdoors). It is also important to note that the chain should be cleaned/lubricated with lubricant from time to time to avoid rust. These actions will basically keep your bike healthy and make the transition to spring smooth.

snow ebike

If you also need a suitable electric snow bike, the samebike XWXL09 will be a good choice. It is equipped with a 750W cold-resistant Brushless Hub Motor and 20*4-inch wide tires that can easily handle all terrains and provide excellent stability and grip. And full suspension make every ride a breeze.

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