Competitor Comparison: Samebike RS-A08 Vs. Aventon Aventure.2

The classic RS-A08 is SAMEBIKE's most popular off-road electric bicycle, with high configuration and strong performance! RS-A08 is an electric bicycle with 4-inch wide tires, 6061 aviation aluminum frame, and all-round signal lights.

We will compare the Samebike RS-A08 with the Aventure.2 with the same function. Through the comparison of information, each rider can choose an electric bicycle that suits him or her. And we believe that the high configuration and strong performance of our electric bicycles can make riders truly feel the joy of riding!

Before comparing the two electric bicycles, let’s take a look at their similarities. The similarities and differences are also the aspects that we will struggle with when choosing an electric bicycle.

What is obvious is that both RS-A08 and Aventure.2 are 26*4'' off-road fat tire electric bikes that can easily conquer various troublesome terrains, including deserts, snow, mountains and trails. Except, both offer multiple speed levels, allowing riders to adjust the level of assistance to their preference and riding conditions. What's more important is that the RS-A08 and Aventure.2 are the same in terms of budget. Under the same budget, the performance and components of an electric bicycle are particularly important.Enter to fully understand the overall performance of RS-A08 here.


Although reality view is better, we can fully display the data of the two electric bikes to let us see what we should consider before riding them.

 RS-A08  Aventure.2
Motor Bafang 750W 750W (Sustained)
Battery 48V 17AH Samsung 21700 cells Removable 48V 15Ah
Pedal Assist  5 levels 4 levels
Throttle Thumb throttle Throttle on demand
Range 120KM(*Learn how to calculate the longest ebike range) 96KM
Top Speed 45KM/H 45KM/H
Weight 24kg 35kg
Carry Capacity 180kg 180kg
Gears Speed  8 Speed
Display Color LCD screen Color LCD screen
Price €1699 €1700

Before the data comparison, Aventure.2 seems to be more powerful than RS-A08, because they stated in the promotion of Aventure.2 that the configured 750W motor may reach a peak of 1130. In fact, Samebike RS-A08 is equipped with a Bafang 750W motor, and the brand's guarantee is always convincing. The configuration of RS-A08 can help riders reach a top speed of 45km/h, and can travel a mileage of 120KM with pedal assistance.  This means that the RS-A08 can run an additional 30 kilometers, allowing riders to enjoy the ride without any worries.

In addition, the RS-A08's Thumb throttle and 5-level pedal assist function can help riders reach their desired speed more easily and reach their destination in less time. The RS-A08 is also equipped with bright front lights, tail lights and reflective strips to ensure your safety at night.

Under the same budget, the RS-A08 is equipped with a thumb throttle, lighter body, better battery life, and superior performance in speed, range and battery. Of course, every component and feature of an e-bike enhances the overall performance of the bike. The RS-A08 adheres to the purpose of meeting the rider's riding needs - safety, speed and performance.


Electric bicycles rely on electric power to innovate the two-wheeled world, so comparing the differences in electrical components between the two electric bicycles can be more intuitively felt.

ebike comparisons


Now that we’ve delved into the electric aspects of the RS-A08 and Aventure.2, it’s time to look at the differences in the hardware components of the two e-bikes.


After analyzing each of our data, we found that the two electric off-road bicycles RS-A08 and Aventure.2 are the same in terms of power, braking, and top speed. They both rely on strong power and high speed for the purpose.

What makes SAMBIEK RS-A08 stand out among the two is its comprehensive focus on performance. This is something we at SAMEBIKE have always insisted on and are proud of. Whether it is the seamlessly integrated large-capacity battery, the easily controlled thumb throttle and dual shock absorbers, or the hydraulic brakes, it is highly configured in every aspect.See more model comparisons here.

Other features of the RS-A08 include a lightweight body, a strong and durable body material made of 6061 aviation aluminum, an absolutely eye-catching exterior design, and a 1-3 year warranty. So tell us, which of these two electric bikes better suits your performance and budget needs?

We'd love to hear your analysis!

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