Electric Bicycle Comparison: Samebike's RS-A01 Vs. Himiway's Rambler

When we manufacture all of our e-bikes, we are focused on producing versatile, high-quality e-bikes for riders. The original intention of RS-A01 is to meet your pursuit of lightness, stability, speed and safety in riding, and to meet your different riding needs for commuting, fitness and leisure activities. We've always had strong e-bike competitors, and we insist you'll have all the information you need to make the best choice.

Samebike RS-A01 is an upgraded light commuter ebike. Riding further, the performance is stable and reliable, suitable for urban commuting and leisure riding.

So what makes our fast all-terrain e-bike RS-A01 different from e-bikes of the same design? In this blog, we'll look at why the Samebike RS-A01 surpasses Himiway's Rambler in terms of motor power, range, top speed, and affordability.


Ready to dive into the realm of RS-A01? When comparing it to our e-bike counterpart such as Himiway, all factors must be considered, including performance, components, budget and all technology so that you can accurately choose the right e-bike to traverse the city and have a safe, enjoyable riding experience.


In all information comparisons, we can also see the common advantages of these two electric bicycles. For example, Samebike's RS-A01 and Himiway's Rambler electric bicycles are both made of aluminum alloy. This time the material can make the body frame stronger and more durable. In addition, the frames of both have IPX waterproof coating, which can protect the frame and maintain the stylish appearance of the bike and the joy of riding.

Stay fast and secure with great performance

RS-A01 is equipped with a more powerful motor, allowing you to fully enjoy riding. 750W engine, maximum speed up to 45km/h, maximum mileage 110km, and global legal certificates provided upon request. In addition, it provides 5-level pedal assist function, quick gear shifting, and changing speed at any time to ensure your riding speed needs.

  • 750W strong power hub motor
  • Aluminum front basket and rear rack free up space
  • 3-inch wide tires handle all terrains with ease
  • Full color display, SAMEBIKE sync app
  • It usually takes 4-6 hours to fully charge the battery
  • 5 levels of effortless pedal assist to reach higher speeds faster
  • Free shipping within 4-9 days
  • Price: €1299

commuter ebike

SAMEBIKE's mission is to produce versatile, high-quality electric bicycles for cyclists, allowing people to live in an environmentally sustainable way. In the world market, the samebike brand always insists on manufacturing and designing safe, durable and fast electric bicycles. The following are the actions SAMEBIKE has been taking for the two-wheeled world:

  • Nearly a thousand authorized dealers provide high-quality products and services around the world, and test ride services are provided in more than a dozen regions and countries.
  • 1-3 years warranty service ensures long-term service and protection for you and your electric bikes
  • Providing legally certified safety standards packaging for your e-bike features and components to be legally made
  • Complete SAMEBIKE electric bike app, clear riding data and ride sharing
  • Regularly hold electric bicycle exhibitions around the world to gain an in-depth understanding of the samebike brand and bicycles
  • Paying attention to environmental protection and sustainability, samebike transportation packaging adopts environmentally friendly forms
  • Free and fast shipping on all e-bike orders

When you get all the information, you’ll find a lot of differences in performance and specs between the two e-bikes. With the same budget, if you want an electric bicycle with long mileage, fast top speed, stronger power and more parts, as well as affordable price and efficient travel, RS-A01 must be your best choice.

No matter what you can gain from riding, be it fun, convenience, or health, traveling on two wheels will always make your life better. And what we want to do is hope that you can find the bike that best suits your riding needs.

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