Why Cycling Is Better Than Running To Lose Weight?

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Which is better for losing weight, cycling or running? How long can you ride to lose weight? What cycling tips can help you lose weight... Cycling is a kind of aerobic exercise that not only helps lose weight, but also has many benefits for cardiopulmonary function exercise. So when it comes to losing weight, who is better, running or cycling?

Friends who love sports know that running and cycling are both aerobic exercises. In terms of weight loss, who is better? The key to losing weight is to burn more calories than you take in. The amount of calories burned is related to the intensity of exercise and your own weight. For example, a person weighing 200 pounds (about 90 kilograms) can burn 755 calories by running on a treadmill for 1 hour at a speed of 5 mph (about 8 kilometers/hour), while a person who rides a bicycle can only burn 364 calories. Although everyone's caloric consumption is different, generally speaking, cycling consumes only half of the calories consumed by running.

In addition to burning calories, running is also more conducive to fat decomposition. Fat oxidation is a key step in the decomposition of fat molecules. A 2010 study by Cape Town University showed that compared to cycling, running of the same intensity can effectively accelerate the rate of fat oxidation. However, cycling is exercise on a bicycle, because our feet are fixed on the pedals during riding, so the impact of such long-term exercise on the knee joint is relatively small compared to other sports, which is beneficial to protect the knee joint from being easily injured.

Running methods vary from person to person. Therefore, running is an open exercise and has a relatively large impact on the knee joint. Especially for people who have not done warm-up exercises before running, the impact will be greater. Therefore, people with bad knee joints are advised to run as little as possible.
How long can you ride to lose weight?

Although cycling is a very simple exercise, excessive use can also cause damage to the body. Therefore, it is best to control the time of riding a bicycle to about 40-60 minutes. If the riding time is less than 40 minutes, it may not be achieved. It has a fat-burning effect, but if it is excessive, it will cause physical harm if it exceeds 60 minutes, so everyone should control the time to exercise.

The riding speed can be adjusted according to your own physical condition. If we take 15 kilometers per hour as an example, if it is less than 15 kilometers per hour, it is a moderate-intensity exercise, which is suitable for most people. If it is more than 16 kilometers, in fact, It is a high-intensity exercise, which is more suitable for those with better cardiopulmonary function. Everyone must choose according to their physical condition, and cannot be blind and end up harming the body.

What cycling tips can help lose weight?

Pay attention to the intensity of your ride. If you plan to start cycling every day to lose weight or exercise, it is recommended not to be too intense in the first few days, otherwise it will easily cause muscle soreness throughout the body and even exhaustion. Cycling should be done step by step, and the intensity should be slightly increased every day according to your own situation.

Pay attention to your riding posture. If you want to lose weight and stay healthy through cycling, it is recommended to keep your arms straight, your abdomen in, and your upper body slightly bent forward while riding. This will not only exercise your waist and abdomen, but also exercise your waist and abdomen. It is also helpful for weight loss and fat reduction!

Learn the intermittent cycling method. Intermittent riding means alternating between slow riding and fast riding. The time can be controlled by yourself. You can first ride slowly for 1-2 minutes and then ride fast for 2 minutes, then ride slowly and then ride fast again. This is roughly how you practice. You can Do your own time-controlled exercises.

Pay attention to the category of the bike. Of course, riding an ordinary bicycle can have the effect of losing weight, but if you ride a bicycle equipped with a transmission, it will be easier to lose weight and the weight loss effect will be more obvious! SAMEBIKE MY275 500W Electric Commuter Bike, Shimano 7 Speed, lightweight bike suitable for outdoor, sports and leisure riding.

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