MY275 will be your first choice of SAMEBIKE

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MY275 will be your first choice of SAMEBIKE

        The MY275 is an electric bike made for everyone, a standout when it comes to the world of electric bikes. Currently rising in popularity, we are seeing more and more people opt for an electric bicycle, and thus if you’re looking to join the hype then you might as well invest in the best.

        The e-bike is equipped with numerous features from a 500w battery to a 7-gear shift, it is designed for convenience, safety and most importantly fun. The MY257 is prepared for every challenge when it comes to the road, making for a trusty and reliable bike.

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  • Why choose an electric bicycle?
  • Features
  • Design made for ease
  • Safety
  • For everyone
  • Improve your carbon footprint

Why choose an electric bicycle?

New to electric biking and not sure what all the fuss is about? Electric bicycles such as the MY275 come with numerous advantages that make it more appealing than a regular bike. The main distinction is an electric bicycle contains a motor which can assistant you while pedalling. This alone is appealing for many, for instance it can give many riders the confidence to cycle in new conditions and environments. Whether you have a busy city commute, a fun family bike ride or trying a new off road route, electric bikes are designed for wherever you need it to go. Because of this, the electric bicycle has something on offer for everyone.


First things first, the motor. The MY275 carries a 500W brushless motor to reach speeds up to 32km/hr, it is a reliable and powerful motor which makes the electric bicycle enjoyable to ride. The bike features a 7-speed gear shift system, this makes the MY275 easily adaptable to changing weather and terrain. Having 7 different gears means when utilising the pedal assist in the electric bike you can choose the pace you prefer the most for a more comfortable and effortless experience. Evidently, one of the most unique features on the MY275 is the LCD display. The handy screen is practically placed in the centre of the handlebars yet is subtle and not too distracting. You won’t have to worry about checking your phone while riding as you can conveniently connect it to the display. The screen will showcase stats such as your battery status, max speed, and gear while riding. Unlike a normal bicycle, the e-bike comes with a battery. The MY275 has a lithium battery with a capacity of 48V 13AH which changing time ranges between 4 to 6 hours. At first glace this may seem like a long charging time; however, the bike can travel up to 50 miles while using pedal assist on one charge. Moreover, this is 27 miles if you wished to ride in solely electric mode.

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Design made for ease

The MY275 is smartly designed to enhance comfort and ensure a trouble-free ride. The bike is aesthetically slick and neat, making it suitable for a city commute to the workplace or a causal woodland ride. Furthermore, the sturdy aluminium build makes the MY275 strong and durable so you can ride with confidence. The battery is hidden on the e-bike to help keep it safe and secure without compromising the MY275’s design. Not to mention, the battery is placed and designed with the intention of making removing it quick, easy and simple. The bike can accommodate riders up to 150kg making it widely accessible and suitable for many. Also, the MY275 can be adjusted for your own personal liking. The seat can be moved to reflect your height and preference, while the saddle is designed with the purpose of reducing and relieving pressure while riding. Collectively, the design is intended to make the MY275 a pleasure to use despite the journey.

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One thing the MY275 is good at is putting the rider’s safety first. Starting with the dual disc brakes which improve your braking performance, while its robust design is aimed to make braking smooth and reliable. Riding at night? No problem, the MY275 has a super bright light. This gives you clear vision within 2m, making riding at night far safer and not a problem. You will find a half twist throttle located on the handlebars of the MY275. This has been added for the rider’s safety by preventing accidental activation, consequently, helping prevent unnecessary injuries.

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For everyone

The diversity and variety of features makes the MY275 suitable for every type of rider. Whether its for city trips, a fun family bike ride or exploring off road, the MY275 will not disappoint. The motor makes it adaptable for any terrain it’s tested on, while the long lasting battery makes it reliable for whatever mission it needs to do. In addition, the MY275 is suitable for beginners and experts alike. The electric bike includes features such as the pedal assist system, so regardless of your fitness level the MY275 is suitable and accessible. Plus, the bicycle itself is easy to put together despite your skill level.

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Improve your carbon footprint

One huge benefit of electric bikes is their sustainability above cars. The MY275 motor is produced using magnet technology which can save up to 15% green energy. Cycling on the MY275 rather than travelling by car produces less green house gases, which has never been important in today’s climate. Perhaps you are someone who is looking at reducing their carbon footprint? Then switching to an electric bike is a great start and the MY275 is perfect for beginners. Plus, the MY275 is produced with quality, tough materials to ensure the e-bike lasts to suit the circular economy. This makes the MY275 an investment not designed to be replaced, so you won’t have to worry about purchasing a new bike any time soon.


Ø What is an electric bike?

 An electric bike is a bike equipped with an electric bike motor, this assists you while riding. The electric motor is powered from the rechargeable battery placed on the bike. The simplest way to determine is a bike is electric, if it has a motor that helps your pedal.

Ø How does an electric bike such as the MY275 work?

The motor is used as power to help push the wheel around, the motor also works it way through the gears and chains of the bike. However, since the motor does not have complete control over the bike, it does not get a flow in power that sends you forward, instead the rider must still pedal as with any other bike.

Ø Is the MY275 a city electric bicycle?

The MY275 is anything you want it to be. With that said, many of the bicycle’s features make is an ideal city electric e-bike. For example, its impressive long life battery, max speed, comfortable design and super bright light all help the MY275 thrive in the city.

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