How electric bikes can bring great benefits to physical and mental health and the environment

As many lifestyles in the developed world continue to become more sedentary - largely because technology has immobilized many people in front of computers and televisions - awareness of health risks is increasing. Ironically, while technology is seen by many as the culprit for the health effects of poor diet and lack of exercise, it may also be the solution - and the surge in popularity of e-bikes has led many e-bike stores to capitalize on this trend by focusing on exciting new innovations.

What are the benefits of electric bikes?

Any e-bike store will tout the benefits of e-bikes. And, if the huge global uptake is anything to go by, those benefits are being realized by the public. An electric bike can be greatly assisted by pedaling an e-bike, and that motor can start and handle most of the stress. So even those who are not used to cycling regularly - or those who are in poor health - can enjoy a healthy dose of cycling.


Electric Bicycles and the Environment

Electric bicycles have also greatly helped to address the global pollution and road congestion crisis. It helps solve the problem of air pollution, which exacerbates the problem of climate change and negatively affects people's ability to breathe clean air. It also helps solve the problem of long and frustrating road trips for work and play.

Their very nature means that e-bikes are clean and green, and cut through traffic jams to get people to their destinations quickly.


Electric Bike Innovation

Equally exciting is the fact that e-bikes are the subject of ongoing innovation. For example, inclement weather can no longer be an excuse for not traveling by bike: simply purchase a powerful all-weather e-bike that is equipped with a galvanized motor and can be driven in conditions such as heavy snow.

Why stick to landing? The latest e-bike developments could see riders cycling on water, on hydrofoil e-bikes that combine cycling with water sports.


Electric bicycles are growing in popularity

While market experts agree that the biggest growth in the overall bicycle market will be in electric bikes. In Australia, e-bike stores are reporting tremendous growth as travelers look to avoid frustrating traffic jams. In addition, growing concerns about the state of the environment are motivating others to reduce emissions.


The small carbon footprint of e-bikes has also prompted the Scottish Government to take direct action to encourage e-bike ownership. The transport minister pointed out the benefits to the environment as well as to health and wellbeing so that more people could buy e-bikes.

How electric bicycles can improve physical and mental health

For many people affected by serious physical health conditions or debilitating mental illnesses, the advent of e-bikes has been a lifesaver. Diseases such as cystic fibrosis have traditionally precluded activities such as cycling because riders cannot breathe adequately. But the extra propulsion provided by the electric bike's motor has changed all that. And because cyclists still need to pedal, riding an e-bike is not "cheating". There is still a lot of physical exertion, so cyclists can reap the benefits of quality exercise.

Electric Bicycles and Mental Health

The same is true for mental health. Depression and low confidence keep many potential cyclists at home, and many are daunted by the prospect of taking up and mastering a new physical activity. However, the sheer thrill and fun of riding an e-bike, especially over rough terrain, enables many to boost their self-esteem and overcome challenging mental health conditions.

A survey by cycle insurance specialists Cycleplan found that a third of respondents said their mental health had improved significantly after cycling. Mental health charity Mind points out that the social aspects of exercise, such as cycling, play a key role in improving mental health, with many cycling clubs bringing together large groups of like-minded people.

Other studies highlight that cycling increases blood flow to the brain, which is crucial in reducing the chances of developing diseases such as dementia in later life.

Choose an electric bike and enjoy a different lifestyle.

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