Choose Your Bike: 7 Current Mainstream Bicycle Types

Road bike or mountain bike? When choosing between different types of bicycles, are you having trouble deciding and suffering from "difficulty choosing"? How can I choose a bicycle that suits me?

As the saying goes, "Everyone performs its duties and fulfills its responsibilities." Each bicycle has its own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing a bicycle, it depends more on our "taste", the riding environment and the distance traveled. It is a factor when making a decision; without further ado, the editor will display the various types of bicycles below:

1. Road bike

"Brisk" is synonymous with road bike, which also makes it the first choice for high-speed driving on paved roads. The large wheel diameter and narrow tires give it extremely low road resistance and provide higher road speeds, but it also makes it The grip of the bike has been reduced, and it is extremely vulnerable to "traps" such as sidewalks and vertical drainage ditches. because in addition to bike owners, thieves also love them, making the vehicle unfavorable for parking and storage.

Advantages: light weight, high speed
Disadvantages: The posture is more aggressive (more prone), the passability is low, and it does not have the load-bearing capacity.

Brisk Road bike

2. Mountain bike

Mountain bikes, as the name suggests, are made for rugged mountain and forest roads; disc brakes, coarse-toothed tires, high strength, and full suspension models allow more riders to find sufficient riding confidence.

Various technologies on mountain bikes are developed specifically for mountain roads. If your "ambition" is not off-road, it may be more suitable to choose other types of bicycles. Mountain bikes on paved roads are not only It drags its feet, and the technology bought with a lot of money is "completely useless".

Advantages: strong braking power, passability, off-road performance, and can cross mountain and forest roads
Disadvantages: The bicycle is heavy, the flat-road gear tires perform poorly, and their speed is low.

samebike mountain bikes

3. Urban recreational bike

Urban leisure bike carry more of the most original function of bicycles - transportation. The most attractive thing about them is its simplicity. The structure of this bicycle is very simple, and it has the huge advantage of being almost "maintenance-free". It has single speed and internal bike speed. It is mainly designed to meet basic riding needs; in recent years, urban leisure bike have become more "retro". Exquisite, comfortable, and highly "literary", it has also become a unique landscape in the city.

Advantages: Practical, elegant, indestructible (high reliability)
Disadvantages: Also due to its main function of leisure transportation, its "heavy and slow" characteristics

Urban recreational bicycle

4. Travel Bicycle

The travel bbicycle is the second most practical model in this "list" category! Professional long-distance travel bikes are mainly made of steel frames, equipped with 700C road bikes or the more popular mountain bike 26-inch wheel sets. The targeted design makes them extremely strong, durable, and has strong mounting capacity. This allows it to easily "drag the whole family" and carry several months of supplies and equipment on a journey.

Advantages: High strength, durability, versatility, large carrying capacity
Disadvantages: High weight, cumbersome for short-distance use

touring bike

5.Electric Bike

The biggest difference between E-Bike and ordinary bicycles is that electric bicycles can choose to use electric motors to assist riding, or they can ride entirely on electric motors, while ordinary bicycles can only rely on human power to ride.

For some non-professional cyclists, electric bikes are a good choice. Because the models of electric bicycles have changed from single to diverse. For example, electric mountain bikes allow riders to experience the adventure and thrill of mountain biking. But not every cyclist is a professional rider. For some hills and difficult sections, electric mountain bikes can easily help beginner mountain bike riders overcome them. In addition, various electric bicycle models such as electric urban leisure bicycles, electric commuter bicycles, folding electric bicycles, and electric touring bicycles give people more choices.

Advantages: Any rider can easily enjoy all kinds of riding fun
Disadvantages: Needs charging, heavier body, more expensive than conventional bicycles

samebike lo26

6. Folding bicycle

Folding bicycles are the best for short-distance riding, commuting, and mixed riding (traveling with other means of transportation or "4+2" cars with folding bikes)

Folding bicycles are the most popular model among office workers in big cities. They are so compact that they can even fit under the desk after being folded. In some domestic cities, during rush hours during commuting, folding bicycles can also be picked up by buses, subways and other means of transportation. Barge becomes the best solution for urban transportation.

Advantages:Compact, great for city commuters
Disadvantages: Various "performance indicators" such as passability, controllability, strength, rigidity, and comfort have all declined.

samebike lo26

7. Gravel Bike 

Gravel Bike is not equal to Cyclo-Cross/CX. It is a bike that can be used for commuting, cycling, climbing mountains, training, grocery shopping, and even competitions (long-distance endurance races). " "Universal Road"; simply put, it is a combination of cyclocross racing (configuration) and endurance racing road (comfortable geometry).Its unique taste has quickly formed a trend and is deeply loved by riders in North America and Canada. Gravel Bike has gradually eliminated the original endurance racing, long-distance, and comfortable road models.

Advantages: It has a speed that is inferior to that of a road bike, and has passability, off-road capabilities, and comfortable geometric design that is inferior to that of an XC mountain bike.
Disadvantages: It does not have serious off-road performance, and the coarse-toothed tires will also reduce its speed on paved roads.

gravel road bike

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