The XD26 New E-Bike Product: Everything You Need to Know

Electric bicycles have drastically changed how we commute and visit everywhere we go. They work as a sustainable and efficient means of transportation.

In this article, we will delve into the remarkable features of the XD26 off-road electric bicycle by Samebike — a versatile and powerful commuter electric bicycle designed for those seeking an exhilarating and reliable ride.

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XD26 and the Rise of Electric Bicycles

Characteristics of the XD26 Off-Road Electric Bicycle

      Pedal Assist and Digital Display

      Long Range Adventures

      Dual Suspension System

      High-Speed, Powerful Motor

      Added Layers of Safety

      7-Speed Gear

      Five Levels Pedal Assist

      Four Lights and Reflectors

      Comfortable Saddle

      Bicycle Kickstand

Final Words

XD26 and the Rise of Electric Bicycles

Electric bicycles are known as e-bikes too. They're today more popular than ever. These e-bikes can combine the convenience of a traditional bicycle with the added assistance of an electric motor, making commuting and city riding more accessible and enjoyable.

Among the plethora of electric bikes available in the market, the XD26 stands out for its exceptional characteristics and impressive performance. We will dig into its characteristics and features more below.

Here are the main features of the XD26 electric bicycle in short:

Main Features of the XD26 Off-Road Electric Bicycle


Blue, Green, Black


6061 Aviation Aluminum Frame

Bike Power


Battery Capacity

48V 14Ah

Miles per Charge

110 km (approx.)

Max Speed

40 km/h

Payload Capacity

180 kg




Shimano 7-Speed System


Adjustable Front Fork and Rear Suspension


Mechanical Dual Disk Brakes

Pedal Assist

5 Levels

Climbing Degree



Thumb Throttle


LED Headlight and Backlight, Indicator and Reflective Stripe

Charging Time

4-6 Hours


Color LCD Screen


26 kg


1.76 x 0.67 x 1.00 m


Characteristics of the XD26 Off-Road Electric Bicycle

The XD26 is a commuter electric bicycle with a multitude of modern features for maximum capabilities. Below, we're going to review the main characteristics of the bike:

Pedal Assist and Digital Display

The XD26 city electric bicycle offers user-friendly features that enhance the overall riding experience. With its intuitive 5-level pedal assist and easily accessible throttle, riders can effortlessly control and adjust the assistance level to their preference.

Also, the bike comes with a clear digital display that shows all the necessary information you need while riding, including speed, distance covered, and battery level. This helps you stay informed and concentrated while riding the bike.

Long Range Adventures

One of the notable features of the XD26 is its long-range capability. Equipped with a powerful 48V 14Ah lithium battery, this commuter electric bicycle performs perfectly in both electric and pedal-assist modes:

  • Electric Mode: Riders can enjoy a commendable range of up to 55 kilometers in this mode.
  • Pedal-Assist Mode: The range is extended impressively to 110 kilometers in this mode.

This extended range ensures that commuters and city riders can confidently tackle their daily journeys without worrying about battery life.


Dual Suspension System

The XD26 city electric bicycle is designed to handle various terrains with ease. Its advanced dual suspension system contains hydraulic front, rear suspensions, and a four-bar line design.

The system ensures a smooth and comfortable ride. Whether navigating stairs, tackling uneven roads, or conquering steep 40-degree hills, riders can expect enhanced stability and minimum impact from bumps and shocks. This exceptional suspension system makes the XD26 an ideal commuter electric bicycle in addition to an unrivaled city electric bicycle.

High-Speed, Powerful Motor

Power and speed are crucial factors in a city electric bicycle, and the XD26 exceeds expectations in this regard.

The bike is equipped with a vigorous 750W high-speed brushless motor to help riders travel farther and faster than ever before. This powerful motor not only offers impressive acceleration but also improves climbing ability, allowing riders to effortlessly conquer slopes with gradients of up to 40 degrees.

With a maximum speed of 40 km/h, the XD26 enables riders to keep pace with urban traffic or cruise at their desired speed with ease.

Added Layers of Safety

Safety is extremely paramount in the world of city electric bicycles. The good news is that the XD26 commuter electric bicycle prioritizes rider protection and offers safety features that contribute to a secure and worry-free riding experience.

The bike features high-quality KENDA tires with reflective tape, ensuring excellent grip and traction on various surfaces. Plus, it comes with LED lights and tail lights to make sure you and motorists/pedestrians are visible to each other, especially during night rides.

7-Speed Gear

To handle diverse riding preferences and terrains, the XD26 incorporates a Shimano 7-speed gear system. This feature provides riders with different torque options, enabling them to conquer uphill climbs and enjoy thrilling sprints.

The Shimano gear system ensures effortless gear shifting, helping riders adapt to different riding conditions with ease. Whether navigating city streets or diving into challenging terrains, the XD26 delivers a delightful and versatile riding experience.

Five Levels Pedal Assist

The XD26 offers five levels of pedal assist, allowing riders to customize their riding experience according to their fitness level and desired exertion. If you're seeking the euphoria of high-speed riding or a more leisurely pace, riders can easily switch between different assist levels.

The bike's pedal-assist feature also enables riders to dominate steep slopes at their own pace, ensuring a comfortable and satisfying journey.

Four Lights and Reflectors

Riding safety is further enhanced with the XD26's comprehensive lighting system. The bike features a front LED light, rear tail lights, and strategically placed reflectors on the wheels and pedals.

These lights and reflectors greatly improve visibility during night rides. This can significantly reduce the possibility of having collisions when there's low visibility. The XD26 prioritizes rider safety, enabling riders to confidently navigate their surroundings at any time of day.

Comfortable Saddle

The XD26’s saddle is crafted from soft leather, providing a plush and supportive seating surface that allows for extended periods of comfortable riding.

Additionally, the seat tube shock absorber further enhances comfort by minimizing vibrations and impacts from uneven terrains. This way, you'll enjoy a smooth ride with the bike’s ergonomically optimized saddle.

Bicycle Kickstand

The XD26 city electric bicycle is equipped with a sturdy and reliable kickstand. This feature ensures the bike remains stable and secure when parked, providing convenience and peace of mind to riders.

The strong kickstand is designed in such a way that the XD26 stands firmly on various surfaces, allowing riders to park their bike with ease during breaks or when not in use.

Final Words

The XD26 off-road bike is a city electric bicycle as well as a commuter electric bicycle that represents the advancements in electric bicycle technology, showcasing how e-bikes are transforming urban mobility and offering sustainable transportation solutions.

With its impressive characteristics, including user-friendly controls, long-range capability, dual suspension system, powerful motor, and enhanced safety features, the XD26 stands as a remarkable choice for both commuters and adventure seekers. Embrace the electric revolution in bikes with the XD26 and explore your city and unforgettable adventures today.

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