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How to Choose Between An Electric Bike and A Regular Bike
There are several factors to think about when choosing between a regular and electric bike. However, the most important step first should be deciding how you will use the bike. To ensure your bike gets you where you want to go for as long as possible, you should buy the best one you can afford.
Can You Ride Electric Bike In the Rain
Electric bikes are made highly durable, even in not-so-good weather like rainy days, but you have to ensure that you have taken the necessary steps to make riding your electric bike safe.
Benefits of Riding Fat Tire Electric Bikes
Riding a fat tire electric bike is not only environmentally friendly but also a great way to reduce stress, improve fitness and well-being, and increase physical activity. For the best experience, shop around for a high-quality electric bike from a reliable brand with options that meet your needs.
How to Use Samebike's Display
There are 4 kinds of Displays for SAMEBIKE, If you want to know how to operate display step by step, pls kindly download  user manual through our webstore.
LO26:Samebike's Foldable Electric Mountain Bike Refreshed
Allow us to introduce our updated folding mountain ebike, SAMEBIKE LO26-II-FT! Refreshed and ready to take on any and all-terrain adventures in comfort and style,...
How to Find Your Standover Height and Why It Is Important

The bike standover height refers to the entire length spanning the frame's top tube down to the ground, measured just in front of the saddle where your crotch area would be located. It's simply the distance between the ground and the very height of the top tube.

Renting an Electric Bike vs. Buying an Electric Bike

Renting a bike can be a great way to add in a fun activity when you're on a trip. In addition, it can also be a convenient alternative to driving, replacing the need for a car. A hot new trend on the scene is the electric bike, or ebike for short.

All You Need To Know For Riding Bike While Pregnant

When you are pregnant, every move you make has to be cautious with every step you make. Bike riding is among the activities that you can adopt to have a healthy period during pregnancy. As a bike lover, you might be in a dilemma if you need to stop cycling during the pregnancy period.

Do You Need a License to Drive an Ebike?
Each country has its own set of rules for e-bikes. Countries that consider e-bike as bicycles do not require a driver's license. Countries that consider e-bikes as mopeds require a driver's license and also require registration.
Biking vs Running: Which is Better for Your Health
There are many different benefits to both running and biking, so consider your goals and use the one that helps you best meet your goals. Both activities have their pros and cons, but we encourage you to try both if possible so that you can see for yourself which one works best for what it is that motivates you.
How to inflate bike tires?

Bike tires are a component that is required in order for you to ride your bike. It's the same as how it's imperative that you wear shoes whenever you walk or run. If you love to ride your bicycle without risking an accident and get where you're going, you need to be able to properly inflate the tires.

How to Make Your Cycling Posture Proper
Improper riding posture may cause some healthy problems such as knee injury and back pain, so we are here introducing some useful tips to help improve your proper cycling postion.
How To Replace Your Bike Seat
A comfortable, well-adjusted bike seat can make a world of difference on your rides. Not only will your butt be less sore after a long ride, but you'll be able to maintain a more efficient riding position, allowing you to be less tired and helping you to go faster. 
¿Por qué el ciclismo es más efectivo que correr para hacer ejercicio?
Cycling and walking are both popular aerobic exercises. Which is better for workout? Let’s analyze it together.
¿Andar en bicicleta eléctrica cuenta como ejercicio?
As a means of transportation, can riding an e-bike to work be considered a sport? The conclusion: absolutely! In a commuting simulation experiment, a study of bicycles and e-bikes showed that riding an e-bike can be physically active if people ride in the right way.
Cómo andar en bicicleta cómodamente
When you start riding, your riding position largely determines how comfortable you are or how far you can ride. So how to set yourself up for a comfortable riding position?