How To Raise Handlebars On Electric Bikes

Many people and especially kids, love riding bicycles. Most people use bicycles as their means of transport for short distances, while others use them for playing with friends. Electric bikes are bicycles with electric motor that helps in propulsion.

Electric bikes have been designed to assist the rider in pedaling. This allows the bicycle rider not to get too tired while peddling for long distances.

As much as electric bicycles help the rider in peddling, that doesn't mean that you won't have to peddle at all since you will have to peddle when going up a hill or down a steep place.

An electric bike is different from a regular bicycle in that an electric bike is fitted with a battery and a motor, and others have screens to show you how long you have been cycling. In contrast, a regular bike doesn't have a battery or a motor.

What are the benefits of electric bikes?

Electric bikes are preferred to regular cycles today for many reasons.

Electric bikes are more comfortable

Electric bikes are fitted with adjustable handlebars that enable you to adjust the handlebars to whichever height, this gives you a better posture while riding.

They are fast

Electric bikes are fitted with motors and batteries that help propel the bicycle faster than regular bicycles.

They help in the cycling process

Since electric bikes are fitted with motors and batteries, you won't have to peddle as much as you would have to do with regular cycles.

They are environmentally friendly

Electric bicycles save the environment since they don't emit carbon and other dangerous gases into the air like normal vehicles.

They save money

Introducing electric bikes has saved people a lot of money they would otherwise spend on getting cabs and boarding buses to and from work. At least, you're sure that you'll never spend a lot of money that is not budgeted.

What are the components of electric bike handlebars?

Electric bikes, like any other bike, are fitted with handlebars. Handlebars come in different shapes. Standard bars are commonly found in most bicycles. Bullhorns, drop bars, cruiser bars, butterfly bars, and aero bars.

Most electric bikes are fitted with butterfly or hybrid handlebars for their ease of movement and comfortability. Electric bike handlebars are usually straight, they have enough space to fit your hand and are comfortable enough if you are cycling for long distances.

Most electric bike handlebars have enough space to add a basket where you can put some stuff and transport them comfortably wherever you want.

They are also fitted with stems to help you feel comfortable. The branch not only allows you to sit in a comfortable position but it's also used to adjust the handlebar to a certain height or angle.

What are the benefits of properly adjusted electric bike handlebars?

To ensure that you cycle comfortably and safely, you have to make sure that your electric bike handlebar is properly adjusted. The benefits of a properly adjusted handlebar are things we cannot overlook.

  • A properly adjusted handlebar will give you a better cycling posture. A good cycling posture will make you feel more comfortable and eliminate the possibility of back aches or neck pain.
  • Properly adjusted electric bike handlebars also provide more safety while cycling down a hill or climbing up a steep place. This is because it will give you the right support to apply brakes whenever possible and avoid accidents.
  • Properly adjusted handlebars give you more control and stability. When the handlebar is of the right height, it means that your legs will be flat on peddles, and your back will be more straight; this will help you have more bike stability while riding.
  • Properly adjusted electric bikes make cycling easier. The ease of cycling comes from the right body posture on the bike, the right height of the handlebars, and the right position of the feet on peddles.

How to raise handlebars on electric bikes

Electric bike handlebars are easily adjustable. They are made to be adjusted to whichever height anyone wishes to have. Properly adjusted handlebars provide comfort to the rider while cycling. You need to follow the following steps.

  • First, you loosen the bolts using a screwdriver from the handlebar's stem. The bolts are usually on the part of the stem closest to your seat. The bolts help keep the handlebars intact on the bike.
  • Remove the cap on top of the stem and keep it safe for later.
  • Remove the stem from the steering tube. Then slowly remove the handlebars without damaging them.
  • Decide how high you want to raise the handlebar depending on your height while sitted on the bike. Your back should not be bent but comfortable. Then add the circular risers to raise the handlebars to your desired height.
  • Slide the stem back into the steering tube with your chosen position. If you have removed all of them, you can put them back.
  • Replace the top cap and tighten it with the bolts until you feel some resistance. Do not tighten too much since the handlebars need to move freely.
  • Align the stem with the front wheel to ensure that the handlebar is at the right angle with the wheel. This will help you in proper turning and control of the wheel.
  • Check the headset alignment. You must check that you have fitted all the pieces correctly and in the right alignment. Test the bicycle by moving forward and backward to ensure that there isn't any weird movement.


Electric bikes are very innovative and beneficial to very many people today. They are the best solution if you are looking to save on cost or get into some fitness journey, or you need to run errands as fast as possible. If you need to adjust the electric bike handlebars, you can seek the help of someone experienced to adjust the handlebars for you since properly adjusted electric handlebars provide safety and comfort.

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