All You Need To Know For Riding Bike While Pregnant

When you are pregnant, every move you make has to be cautious with every step you make. Bike riding is among the activities that you can adopt to have a healthy period during pregnancy. As a bike lover, you might be in a dilemma if you need to stop cycling during the pregnancy period. You might be worried about the way your legs move up and down during pregnancy close to the pregnancy or the issue of experiencing accidents such as falling off the bike or hitting a car.

Is riding a bicycle safe while you are pregnant?

Riding a bike is a way of exercising, pregnant or not. Riding a bike is a low-impact choice that you can choose as an option to work out when pregnant. If you have been using a bike to commute to work, you do not need to switch to other means of transportation just because you are pregnant. Doctors and scientists state that it is safe to ride a bike when pregnant so long as you take the necessary precautions.

women riding ebike

When pregnant, bike riding has to change. You need to be more careful and take the best safety precautions that ensure you and your baby are safe. It is advisable for you to talk to your doctor before making the pregnancy riding steps. Your doctor will advise you on the best methods to ride a bike for safety and the hours you need to ride. If you have a high-pregnancy risk, before taking any type of exercise, ask for some advice from professionals. Safety and bike riding when pregnant are determined by several things such as:


If the road is not well maintained, there are higher risks of falling or causing accidents that might endanger your unborn baby. Consider riding on well-maintained roads. Poorly maintained roads have a trend of causing road accidents.


How long have you been riding a bike? If you have no experience or less experience, it is better to wait or have a trainer who can teach you the best ways to stay safe. If you have been riding bikes for a longer period, you have more experience thus you know the best safety rules and precautions to carry out. If you had other work other routines apart from bike riding, you need to continue till you bear your child.

Traffic in the area

If you live in a busy city, it is best to watch out when riding bikes during the pregnancy period. There are higher chances of accidents happening on bust roads. If you work out via bike riding, choose roads that are not busy for safety.

Benefits of Cycling while Pregnant

1. Easing back pains

When you are pregnant, it is normal to experience all types of pain including back pains. When you fit your seat, you will attain a good position that will ensure your back is fit. The back muscles are strengthened and ensure that you experience minimal back pains. There are no pains caused by riding a bike when pregnant. This applies to women who have been riding bikes before they got pregnant.

2. Improved sleep

When you are pregnant, enough sleep is essential for you and your baby. Riding a bike is one way to ensure that you get enough sleep. Riding a bike will relax your muscles and get rid of all types of tiredness that may prevent you from sleeping. Riding a bike is a way of exercising, which is one of the best ways to get good sleep.

3. Putting on a healthy weight

When pregnant, you need to watch out for the amount of weight you gain. Too much unnecessary weight might cause complications during the birth process. Gaining too much weight can cause too many difficulties when trying to lose weight after birth. Cycling a bike will ensure that you add weight that is essential for your body and the development of your unborn baby.

4. Improved mood

When you are pregnant, hormonal imbalance causes mood swings. Stress puts your unborn baby in danger. When you ride a bike, the levels of serotonin and endorphins are increased. This means that stress hormone is decreased. By relieving stress, there are high chances of delivering a healthy baby.

5. Easy hydration

Pregnancy requires enough amount of water for you and your unborn baby. When you cycle, you are likely to need more water as more energy is consumed. You need to take water after every 30 minutes of cardio activity. If you ride a bike for over two hours that means that you will have consumed enough amount of water necessary for your body.

6. Modification

When working out, it is easy to modify the number of workouts you need in a day. When you have more energy to work out, you can go for long hours cycling your bike. On the days you wake up with less energy, you can cycle for fewer hours. On days that no energy is available, you can ride slowly for a few minutes and your body is good.

Necessary things you need to know for bike riding when pregnant

If you are a biker, there are necessary things that you need to need in mind.

women riding ebike

1. Always have the right gear

Right gear when riding a bike is essential for both pregnant and other people. When you have helmets and other gear, you might not be endangered in case an accident happens. The right gear will protect you from harm and bruises. When you are pregnant, you are in charge of two lives thus you should ensure that you are safe.

2. Have a schedule

When you are pregnant, you need to keep up with the schedule. If you work out for 1 hour, maintain it until your midwife or doctor advises you otherwise. Riding a bike irregularly may lead to some issues since your body may have different reactions.

3. Keep your body hydrated

One of the main risks that may occur when riding a bike when pregnant is dehydration. You might collapse and fall off the bike. This can cause health issues for you and your unborn baby. So please carry enough amount of water as you are cycling. Cycling is a way of working out that burns out calories thus the need of taking water.

4. Do not ride alone

Pregnancy means that you are carrying another life. When you were not pregnant, you could ride alone for hours. During this period, ensure that there is someone to accompany you in case you need something or an accident occurrence. With someone to watch you, you are safer than riding your bike alone.

Tips and advices for bike riding while pregnant

Cycling when you are pregnant is one of the ways to keep fit and have a safe delivery. Here are some advice and tips you need to follow if you ride bikes during the pregnancy period.

1. Do not overdo

Before pregnancy, you might have been riding a bike for too long. Once you get pregnant, you need to regulate the amount of bike riding you carry out. You need to stay healthy and avoid risking the life of the unborn baby. When you are pregnant, the level of activeness may decline and it is a normal body change for pregnant women. Listen to what your body wants when you are pregnant. If you feel tired, get some rest.

2. Consult the midwives or doctor

When you are pregnant, you might not know what is good or bad for your health. Your doctor will advise you on the amount of riding you need in a day and other essentials that you might require when riding a bike. You need to book an appointment with your midwife who will advise you on the best type of exercise you need.

During the 1st trimester, you need to cycle but do not let fatigue take over your body. This is the period you might experience fatigue and morning sickness that can take a process before it stops. When you hit bumps, it might cause a bad reaction in your body. During this period, cycle for fewer hours or 30 minutes.

You are at a higher risk of miscarriage during the second trimester. At this period, the morning sickness and tiredness issues are not serious. This means that you have more energy to ride your bike. During this period, you can increase the time you have been working out. Avoid rough roads or anything that may cause accidents since there are higher chances of miscarriages.

During the third trimester, the bump is bigger and more active. When you walk on hilly roads, you will experience short breaths. In this last period to birth, it is best to keep your bike off the road. There are many risks that might come with riding a bike during the last trimester.


Riding a bike when pregnant, you gain many health benefits as you are healthy and fit. However, if you have not been riding bikes before pregnancy, you should wait till birth to avoid risking your life and that of your unborn baby. Seek advice from your doctor on the number of hours you need to ride or anything you need to watch out for when riding during pregnancy.

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