LO26:Samebike's Foldable Electric Mountain Bike Refreshed

Allow us to introduce our updated folding mountain ebike, SAMEBIKE LO26-II-FT! Refreshed and ready to take on any and all-terrain adventures in comfort and style, the upgraded LO26 has arrived just in time for the biking season.

Samebike LO26 is still easy to mount and dismount from. It’s still just as easy to fold, store, and travel with. It’s still the most comfortable ride, through snow, sand, dirt, and all! And if you ask us, still the most unique folding electric bike out there with the most character! So what makes this SAMEBIKE LO26 different?
Check out the upgraded LO26 and discover why it’s the perfect ebike for your adventuring needs, no matter how rugged they may be!

What’s New?

While our newest LO26 model still has the same components, technical specifications, and performance expectations as the original one, there are a few highlights that make this expansion stand out:

*More powerful 750W Hub Motor

New high speed brussless 750W motor is coupled with our 48v 10AH high capacity integratged battery! This combination will take you further, and make adventure a no-brainer.

750W Ebike motor

*Upgared CST All terrain Tires

Puncture-resistant 2.35” wider tires combine with full suspension fork provide you with soft and comfortable riding, no terrain is too rugged for new LO26, you will conquer all with the best in class comfort.

ebike tires
*Price Point

The suggested retail price for this new foldable 750W Ebike is $999. If the comfort, all-terrain exploration possibilities, and new features still haven’t swayed you to check it out, maybe discovering how much gas you’d save when riding an ebike will! Check out our blog post to calculate just how much LO26 could save you!

What’s more, Fill Code:SW09,SAVE MORE EUR50

It's the best 750W Electric bike under EUR1000.

Check Out Updated LO26

The new electric bike is the latest refresh within the SAMEBIKE lineup, giving riders a combination of power, comfort, and versatility, You Now Have the Power to Shrink Cities & Level Mountains.


  • José Miguel Giménez Cobo

    Lo26 se me para motor subiendo y pantalla LCD marca 60 % , solo he realizado 8 km más o menos de recorrido

  • Reggie Matthews

    I have a 500w model lo26 11 hope to try out new model in the future excellent bike

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