5 tips for Take Care of Electric Bicycle Battery

In addition to the inherent life of the battery, the life of the battery also depends on how you use it. The battery of an electric moped will inevitably age over time. Here are 5 tips to help you maintain your e-bike battery and keep it running for a long time.

Table of Contents:
Correct cadence

Don't drain the battery completely

Charge in a suitable environment

Maintain battery storage

Cleaning and maintenance

Why does the charger get hot?

How many times can the battery cycle?

What to do if the battery is eventually exhausted or scrapped?

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1. Correct cadence

The fewer times a battery is charged and discharged, the longer its lifespan is. Every time you ride an electric bicycle, you need to find the best rhythm to match the electric assist motor during pedaling. This is a very smart choice. Generally speaking, the motor of the electric moped is the most efficient in assisting at a normal to high cadence rhythm, which also means that the power loss is the least. For example, you want to use the lowest power and the maximum power output by the motor to help you climb up a steep slope, but you should not reduce the cadence to the lowest cadence at this time, which will damage the battery and motor.

2. Don't drain the battery completely

The battery or motor itself actually has a computer chip on it to regulate the output and charging, protecting the health of the battery. This means the battery can never overcharge and discharge itself and damage itself. However, fully charging before each ride and running out of power on the road will bring a greater load to the battery. Such a charge and discharge is a battery cycle. Therefore, try to stop using the motor before the battery is completely exhausted,but easier said than done.

3. Charge in a suitable environment

It is very important to charge the battery at room temperature, the ideal charging temperature is between 10-20 degrees Celsius, try not to drop below 0 degrees Celsius, and do not charge in a humid environment. In an environment where the temperature is too low, the activity of lithium ions is slow and a higher voltage is required to drive the battery to operate normally, resulting in greater battery consumption. If the temperature is too high, the resistance will be too large and the consumption will also be greater.

A few hours of riding in cold weather won't do your battery any harm, as the self-heating of the motor will keep it warm regardless of the surrounding weather, but don't challenge yourself in extreme cold.

4. Maintain battery storage

Maintaining battery storage is essential for the effective and long-lasting operation of batteries in various applications, from portable electronics to electric vehicles and renewable energy systems. Proper maintenance not only extends the lifespan of batteries but also ensures their reliability and safety.If you won't be riding your e-bike for a few days, weeks or months, don't let the battery go completely empty, Keeping the battery at 30-60% often. Charge it every 6 months and of course fully charge it before riding again.

Of course, the storage of the battery is related to the power of the electric bike itself. For example, the Samebike RS-A01 is powered by a 750W high-speed brushless gear motor, ensuring that there is sufficient power in any riding situation - whether you are dealing with steep hills or riding on a mountain bike. High-speed cruising on flat roads. The 750W high-power motor makes the battery discharge time longer, and also makes the configured battery life longer.

5. Cleaning and maintenance

When cleaning the bicycle, leave the battery in the electric vehicle to protect the exposed socket. When cleaning, it is recommended that you stay away from the high-pressure water gun and use a sponge to wipe it clean. We think the best thing to do is to sponge it lightly in the upright position and wait for it to dry completely before opening the motor compartment cover.

E-bike battery efficiency

There are also 3 Q&As about the use of electric mopeds:

1. Why does the charger get hot?

The efficiency of the charger plays an important role. When converting electrical energy from the 220V voltage at the power outlet to the 48V battery, some energy is lost as heat, typically 10%. More efficient chargers generate less heat during energy conversion.

2. How many times can the battery cycle?

It depends on how you treat it. The battery can be charged up to 1,000 times, which equates to seven to 10 years of normal riding before it wears out. Samebike electric bicycles use automotive-grade batteries with high energy density, large battery capacity and high operating voltage. At the same time, it has strong charge retention ability, allows a wide operating temperature range, and is highly safe, allowing safe and fast charging and discharging. Samebike electric bicycle batteries are guaranteed to have 60% battery capacity left after 1,000 charges.

3. What to do if the battery is eventually exhausted or scrapped?

Dealers of batteries, be they bicycles, mobile phones or cars, are responsible for their recycling. There are different battery recycling programs around the world, so don't worry about polluting the environment with discarded batteries.

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