XD26 electric bike features

Whether you’re riding through rocky hills or luscious countryside, the XD26 electric bike can help you conquer any challenge. Here is a rundown of everything you need to know before buying.

What is an electric bike?

An electric bike is a bicycle with a built-in electric bike motor to help you while cycling. The motor is powered by a rechargeable battery attached to the bike. While you still need to pedal the bike to travel, the aim of the electric bike is to assist you.

Advantages of an electric bike?

Wondering what makes the electric bike so popular? Here are some advantages to investing in an e-bike:

Evidently, cycling on an e-bike is easier due to the electric motor assisting you. For many, this makes riding far more pleasant and enjoyable, not to mention convenient. E-bikes give you the option to choose how much assistance you would prefer, while still being beneficial for your physical health as you still need to actively paddle.

Another major advantage of opting for an electric bike is that it is environmentally friendly. Therefore, travelling via electric bike produces no harmful emissions, making it a perfect alternative to travelling by car. This makes an e-bike an ideal option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint or live in a clean air zone, making car travel more difficult.

Electric bikes have been particularly appealing to commuters, who can save time on their journey to work. Furthermore, cycling on an e-bike can help you avoid congestion and busy streets in big cities. Not to mention, it is far cheaper than fuelling your car. Additionally, electric bikes have been popular with leisure cyclists who ride as a hobby, this may include family bike rides or off-road adventures. The sturdy, modern nature of the e-bike helps you make whatever journey you need to make with ease.

So what makes the XD26 electric bicycle so impressive?

Off road biking

This is where the XD26 bike excels. While the XD26 can be ridden in any terrain, it is perfect for your off-road adventures.

The bicycle comes with seven gears, making it ideal for sprints as well as uphill challenges. The XD26 is equipped for any obstacle; the fitted, comfortable saddle absorbs shock and can handle 180 kg of weight, making for a far more enjoyable ride.

The XD26 e-bike is produced using tough, sturdy materials for a robust product that will be long lasting. This makes the bike an investment rather than one made to be replaced in a year or so. Likewise, the aluminium body of the bike gives you the peace of mind that wherever the road takes you, the XD26 will be able to handle it. You can never predict what kind of problems you might face when travelling off road, which makes this type of terrain so thrilling, but the XD26 e-bike’s vigorous build ensures you're in safe hands.

More of a night time cyclist? Then you will be pleased to know the XD26 comes with four light reflectors to enhance your safety. You will find these on the rear taillights, wheels, and pedal reflectors.

Time for a break? The XD26 comes with a handy kickstand to prop the electric bike up safely and steadily while you hop off.


If you’re an experienced cyclist, you may be familiar with the good reputation Kenda has for manufacturing trustworthy and long-lasting tyres. The XD26 electric bike is equipped with Kenda 26-inch x 2.1 inch tyres, designed to support the speed of the bike as well as the load and terrain.

These tyres are specifically intended to heighten the e-bike's performance. For instance, they come with an extra layer of reinforced fabric and puncture protection, making them ideal for riding through challenging environments.


The electric bicycle comes with a sturdy battery with a capacity of 48 volts, 14 AH, and a charging time of between 4-6 hours. If you are wishing to ride solely electric, then the battery life will last a rough distance of 40–45 km whereas using assist mode, you will be able to travel a distance of 80–90 km. You will also be able to see the battery displayed on the small screen fitted on the bike, so you won’t have to worry about a low battery catching you out of the blue.


Get where you need to be with the XD26, which can travel at speeds of 40 km/h with a range of 120km. Plus, the XD26 can be inclined up to 30 degrees with pedal assistant to help you conquer the toughest of hills. Meanwhile, it is equipped with mechanical dual disc brakes to help increase the security of your ride.

Colour LCD display

One standout feature of the XD26 electric bike is its display. Here you can see the track speed, your battery life, distance travelled, and the pedal assistant all in front of you. This handy feature is not too distracting either, and it all comes together on a small, compact, modern screen.

Advantages of the XD26

  • Excels in off road biking
  • Made from sturdy, durable materials
  • Equipped with strong, reliable tyres
  • Long battery life
  • Environmentally friendly way to travel
  • Priorities riders’ safety

Ultimately, the XD26 electric bike ticks all our boxes when it comes to off road electric biking. It is readily equipped with everything to support you on your ride, while all its features help boost its performance as an off road e-bike.

FAQ on the XD26 electric bike

What makes the XD26 good for mountain biking?

From the robust build to the tough tyres, the XD26 e-bike comes with everything an off road biker would want. Not only can it handle some of the most untouched environments, but it can also handle speed, distance, and incline, making it ideal for more rocky journeys.

Can I still use the XD26 for commuting?

While the XD26 may be perfect for mountain biking, there is nothing stopping you from using it for other journeys too. More people are opting to use an electric bicycle to get to work, and the XD26 can definitely do the job. Its 7 gears, combined with speed and battery life, will help you get to where you need to go swiftly and effectively.

Is the XD26 e-bike easy to maintain?

The bicycle is designed to last, from its aluminium build to its tough tyres. This means you won’t have to worry about the upkeep as much since the bike is designed specifically to withhold any challenges that come with road biking.

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