How to Ride Bikes Comfortably

When you start riding, your riding position largely determines how comfortable you are or how far you can ride.

How to set yourself up for a comfortable riding position?

First, you need to know a few "contact points":

ebike contact points

The points that can be touched while riding are generally divided into the five points in the picture (3 parts), and the different settings of the 3 parts will have different riding positions. The height of these three points is determined by the length of the leg and arm.

Second, put your feet in the right place.

Third, set the bike seat angle.adjust the seat horizontally. then adjust to your most comfortable position.

set bike seat angle

Fourth, set seat height.

Most people know that when the heel is on the pedal (press the pedal to the bottom) the leg should be in an upright position.when the forefoot is on the pedal, the leg should bent slightly. You can try holding on to a fixture (wall, tree, etc.) with one hand, and grip the brake with the other,then test this height.

Many beginners put the seat very low, so the feet can touch the ground to park, when sitting on the seat.It will lead to knee pain.

If the saddle is too high, will lead to other problems. when the pedal to the bottom, will drive the whole body side down, the hip will also follow the sway, the back and crotch will undertake too much pressure.

Remember one thing, after the seat is adjusted perfectly, do not try to adjust the riding position by adjusting the seat, but by the handlebars .

Higher handlebars will give you an upright and comfortable riding position, and on the contrary, you will get a more leaning position. Once the seat is adjusted, the handlebars should be set to your personal preference. The handlebars should be as wide as the rider's shoulders. Some people prefer a high, upright riding position, others prefer an aerodynamic one. As long as the elbows are slightly bent to reach the handlebars without uncomfortable extension or too much elbow bend, you'll be fine.

electric bike riding position

The following are a few common postures.which one do you like?

electric bike riding position

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