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SAMEBIKE Black Friday Ebike Sales – Best Deals Buying Guide
Starts in November! SAMEBIKE will launch the 2023 Black Friday bicycle sale, which will last for 10 days, from approximately 2023-11-17 to 2023-11-27. This event is SAMEBIKE's biggest promotion of the year.
Cycling Sport Guide: Focus on Your Thighs
Cycling is a very effective aerobic exercise. Cycling can not only burn fat and lose weight, but also improve the strength and endurance of the legs and improve cardiopulmonary function.
Best Bicycle Models: Why Choose a 750W Electric Bike?
With so many different types of e-bikes on the market, it’s obvious that they differ in terms of power, speed, endurance, and more. For the power, many people want to know about 750W electric bicycles, because among many electric bicycles, 750W electric bicycles are quite popular.
Ebike Brakes: Front Brakes vs. Rear Brakes
No matter how proficient you are in cycling, cycling safety must be mastered first. Cycling brakes are one of the important ways to ensure cycling safety, and it is also something everyone must understand when first learning to ride.
Guide to Riding Electric Bike Outdoors with Children
Cycling with kids is a great activity for both kids and parents.To best prepare for biking with your kids, we've put together this guide with some quick tips for success.

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